๐ŸŽ‰ VICTORY ALERT: Biden signs bill preventing rail strike

Posted December 20th, 2022 | Status:

Did you wake up this morning to clean drinking water, a hot shower, and groceries in your fridge and pantry? That’s because our freight rail sector is continuing to operate, making many of the daily necessities we take for granted possible.

The threatened rail strike that would have halted shipments of essential food, energy, and water supplies has been thwarted, thanks to the federal bill BizFed leaders fought to get across the finish line. We’re thrilled to report the bill was signed into law on Friday by President Joe Biden.

This is a victory for all Americans who rely on rail.

  • It implements the labor agreement reached in September that includes a 24% wage increase over five years for rail workers, plus five annual lump sum payments of $1,000 each.

  • It protects workers, the integrity of our supply chain, and our economy against the devastating impacts of an unnecessary strike that would have cost $2 billion daily.

  • Nearly one-third of all U.S. exports and 40% of the nation’s long-distance freight moves by rail, including food items that stock grocery shelves and chemicals that help clean your water and heat your homes.

This resolution also proves our nation’s leaders can rise above party politics to unite behind sensible, bipartisan solutions that move all Americans โ€“ and the goods we need โ€“ forward.

This is how you made a difference.

We thank you for pushing Congress to act. Here are links to some of the impactful media statements, press releases, and advocacy letters that BizFed leaders in the transportation sphere empowered us to issue during the past few months.


Tracy Hernandez
BizFed Founding CEO