🎉 VICTORY ALERT: Thanks to all who stepped up to support this housing project!

Posted September 1st, 2022 | Status:

You know it’s not always easy to build in California. Every BizFed-backed project that wins approval is a hard-fought victory to celebrate, especially the projects that fill critical gaps in housing production. Please join us in celebrating Los Angeles County’s decision to support the La Subida proposal we asked YOU to help us advocate for.

The Board of Supervisors approved the 52-unit housing development in Hacienda Heights after hearing testimony from BizFed leaders and other community members, and handling in-depth discussions in Executive Session.

BizFed is grateful for the opportunity to work with Los Angeles County Supervisors on advancing this much-needed project.

The housing development will include a public park, playground, landscaped areas, and public walkways on 10 acres that are currently unused, dilapidated, and the source of nuisance and vandalism. La Subida’s 52 homes will be built with energy-efficient features and amenities including solar panels, electric car charging, and home-automation technology. The development will also help increase student enrollment in the local district and provide ongoing funding for school projects and resources.

Proud to support smart, sustainable development!

BizFed Founding CEO