ACTION ALERT: Don’t let regulators kill game-changing water plant

Posted May 10th, 2022 | Status:

Are you concerned about drought resilience? We believe every Californian can benefit from learning more about sensible water infrastructure investments and ways to grow the state’s limited water supply. As a BizFed member, you’re entitled to high-level intel about the latest pending water projects and policies. We hope the way we convey these updates with context, point you to additional resources, and explain long-range impact is empowering – and spurs you to sensible action that will benefit all Californians.


After a 22-year regulatory review process, Brookfield-Poseidon’s proposed Huntington Beach Ocean Desalination Project is going before the Coastal Commission for its final permit. This is a big deal. There’s a lot at stake if the much-discussed project isn’t allowed to move forward – namely, our ability to diversify California’s long-term water sources amid record drought. California is experiencing its driest two decades in more than a thousand years! Seawater desalination is the only 100% climate-resilience new water supply currently available to California. BizFed is proud to be among numerous longtime supporters of the Huntington Beach desalination project.

Even Gov. Gavin Newsom urged the Commission to support the desalination project during a meeting last week with the Bay Area News Group editorial board. We encourage you to read the Orange County Register‘s piece, aptly titled, “Newsom gets it right on desalination.”


Despite rigorous review and widespread support, the Coastal Commission staff has recommended the commission REJECT the permit, which could terminate the $1.4 billion project it its entirety. This is unacceptable. Local and state environmental agencies have already determined the proposed facility complies with applicable environmental laws and standards. We need to rally our grassroots army to remind the Commission why this project is essential right now – and how many other countries and cities have benefitted from similar technology. Done right, a local desalination plant could effectively eliminate our need for imported water.

  • The city of Carlsbad is home to the nation’s most advanced and energy-efficient desalination facility; it has already produced 87 billion gallons of clean, safe drinking water for the region.
  • In Israel, more than 70% of drinking water is desalinated seawater from the Mediterranean.


We need you to speak up and urge the Coastal Commission staff to start looking out for all Californians. There are two ways you can help.

1. Send an easy one-click advocacy message to the Commission expressing your support for the Huntington Beach desalination project.

2. Attend the Commission’s public hearing on Thursday, May 12th in Costa Mesa and make your voice heard.

In this final hour, we hope you’ll use the intel and other tools we’ve given you to take a stand for the future of California. If you have any questions, please contact

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