ACTION ALERT: Antitrust vote could be soon! Let’s keep the foot on the gas to stop it!

Posted July 8th, 2022 | Status:

This is an urgent, red-alert call to action. Millions of businesses and consumers are at risk.

Our sources at the nation’s capital say powerful leaders within the U.S. Senate are pushing to bring sweeping “antitrust” legislation to a floor vote in the coming weeks. Any vote could happen within this month. It’s part of a last-ditch effort to garner support for Senator Amy Klobuchar’s American Innovation & Choice Online Act ahead of the November election.

We’ve emailed you warnings about this bill before. S.2992 doesn’t bolster choice or innovation. It actually threatens to undermine American innovation and cede our nation’s technological edge to foreign adversaries – all while hurting consumers, competition, and security. This bill would dismantle the digital tools and marketplace that small business owners have become dependent on to reach customers. Click below to read a strongly worded coalition letter signed by BizFed and more than 20 other organizations across the state.

Senators Dianne Feinstein and Alex Padilla both voiced concerns about how the bill targets California companies. But both voted to advance the bill! We’re urging BizFed members to speak up before the floor vote so our senators and their staffers know we won’t stand for anti-innovation legislation. Scroll down for 3 easy ways to take coordinated action.


Send a message to Senators Feinstein and Padilla with one click! It takes a few seconds to submit the online form. Let’s flood their inboxes with our messaging so they know how many business leaders have mobilized on this issue. We can’t be ignored if we flex our strength in numbers.


It’s old school! But live phone advocacy remains one of our most effective tools. Call both offices during business hours and don’t leave out a key unscripted element – your passion.

  • Alex Padilla: Washington DC (202) 224-3553, Los Angeles (310) 231-4494
  • Dianne Feinstein: Washington DC (202) 224-3841, Los Angeles (310) 914-7300


Feel free to use one or all of these templates developed by BizFed Policy Manager Chris Wilson. Be sure to tag @BizFed and we’ll retweet you!

Tweet #1
California’s tech industry supports more than 1.8 million jobs. @SenAlexPadilla and @SenFeinstein, we need you to say “no” to S.2992 and antitrust legislation that will hurt workers, businesses, and job creation. @BizFed

Tweet #2
Antitrust bills like S.2992 by @SenAmyKlobuchar would make it more difficult for California startups to succeed. Protect American innovation @SenAlexPadilla and @SenFeinsteinantitrust. Join @BizFed in voting no.

Tweet #3
Local businesses rely on free online services to attract customers and build markets. Congressional antitrust bills will break up these tools. We need @SenAlexPadilla and @SenFeinstein to vote no and protect American innovation. @BizFed

Tweet #4
The pandemic has moved business online. Federal antitrust bills shouldn’t break up the digital tools critical to entrepreneurs and small companies that have enabled them to stay in business during the pandemic. @SenAlexPadilla and @SenFeinstein: Vote No! @BizFed

Tweet #5
California businesses need a strong economic recovery from the pandemic. Antitrust bills like S.2992 that target Golden State companies will hurt our comeback and job creation. @SenAlexPadilla and @SenFeinstein: Vote No! @BizFed

Tweet #6
Federal antitrust bills target American businesses with no similar oversight for foreign companies. Tell @SenAlexPadilla and @SenFeinstein not to hurt our home-grown businesses and setback the U.S.’s competitive edge. @BizFed

Tweet #7
In the pandemic, business uncertainty can lead to business failure. @SenFeinstein and @SenAlexPadilla – Don’t impose new costs and burdens on employers. Reject S.2992 and antitrust legislation.

Tweet #8
Federal antitrust legislation S.2992 by @SenAmyKlobuchar will hurt consumers as these bills will destroy the products and tools people use for their everyday lives. Vote “No” @SenAlexPadilla and @SenFeinstein. @BizFed

Tweet #9
These antitrust bills will disrupt and potentially impose new costs on small businesses that rely on the digital economy to grow and succeed. Join @BizFed and urge @SenAlexPadilla and @SenFeinstein to vote No.

Let’s get ahead of this vote!

BizFed Founding CEO