ACTION ALERT: Take a stand for resiliency before ‘The Big One’ comes

Posted May 11th, 2022 | Status:

Seismic resilience is an economic issue. It’s an environmental issue. It’s a housing issue. It’s also a homelessness prevention measure. BizFed-backed AB 1721 (Rodriguez) is about so much more than earthquakes – and we need your support to get this smart, timely bill to the finish line. AB 1721, known as the California Emergency Services Act, will establish the Seismic Retrofitting Program for Soft-Story Multifamily Housing Fund. Money from this bucket will help property owners afford seismic retrofits that mitigate earthquake hazards facing older buildings.


As many as 2.5 million Californians live in older, soft-story, multifamily housing at risk of collapse in earthquakes due to weak construction. California is home to an estimated 100,000 soft-story apartment buildings. Many are located in disadvantaged communities that don’t have the resources to improve earthquake resilience. This is an opportunity to strengthen existing affordable housing. AB 1721 will create the incentives, coordination, and financial assistance necessary for small rental property owners to protect their buildings and tenants. This, in turn, will protect our economy, environment, and (already limited) housing supply.


The Assembly Appropriations Committee will meet next Thursday, May 19th to consider their docket of “suspense file” bills. (These are bills with a potential fiscal impact of $150,000 or more.) AB 1721 will be among the bills up for consideration. This is a key committee vote, as approval will allow for this essential earthquake resilience legislation to be considered by the full Assembly.


We’re going above and beyond for this bill so our advocacy messaging doesn’t get lost in the mix. Numerous suspense file bills will be up for consideration.

We’re urging BizFed members to send their own letters
with individual logos
to express support for AB 1721

Instead of a chorus of unified voices, we want to bombard the Assembly Appropriations Committee with a stream of support letters. To make things easier, we created a template letter for you to use. Please send your individual letters to by Tuesday, May 17th and he’ll take the necessary steps to get it to the committee.

Fighting for all Californians,

BizFed Founding CEO