INFO ALERT – Small Business Contracting Opportunities with LA County

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LA County DCBA Department Recognition Awards
INFO ALERT – LA County DCBA Small Business Contracting Opportunities

Last month, Chairman of the Board, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and BizFed partner, Department of Consumer and Business Affairs (DCBA) co-hosted the Los Angeles County Department Recognition Awards.

As part of the Contracting Connections small business utilization plan, the County has partnered with BizFed to connect Local Small Business Enterprises (LSBEs) with county contracting opportunities.

“We established these goals because it’s smart economic development policy for our region to invest in its small business community,” Supervisor Ridley-Thomas said. “The work that you all are doing truly makes a difference in our region’s social outcomes through workforce and skill development.”

“For all the County departments, because of your efforts, we’ve been able to increase procurement awards to our certified businesses by over $100 million in one year,” said DCBA Director Brian J. Stiger.

DCBA staff recognized several standout County departments for their work in reaching the County’s small business utilization goals, including:

  • Procurement Staff Recognition Award: Renee Bustillos – Shared Services/Auditor Controller
  • Excellence in Innovation: Internal Services Department
  • Excellence in Collaboration (2 recipients): Department of Public Works and Workforce Development, Aging & Community Services
  • Advocate of the Year: Paul Goldman, Workforce Development, Aging & Community Services
  • Notable Achievement – SE Utilization small/mid- sized1 department: Workforce Development, Aging & Community Services
  • Notable Achievement – SE Utilization Large sized 2 department: Parks and Recreation
  • Notable Achievement – DVBE Utilization small/mid-sized department: County Counsel
  • Notable Achievement – DVBE Utilization Large sized department: Fire
  • Notable Achievement – LSBE Utilization small/mid- sized department: Military and Veterans Affairs
  • Notable Achievement – LSBE Utilization Large sized department: Department of Public Works
  • Excellence in Collaboration with the County of Los Angeles: City of Los Angeles
  • Special Recognition: Gerald Plummer, Internal Services Department

For more information on Los Angeles County’s goal to contract with small businesses and how you can
or call a small business counselor at (323) 881-3964.

For any assistance you may need from BizFed to connect you with our county partner, DCBA,
please contact Sarah Wiltfong:




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