INFO ALERT – The Business Community Once Again Rolled In to Stave Off Any Greenprint Vote

Posted April 28th, 2022 | Status:

Thanks to our mobilization efforts earlier today, we were able to fend off a critical vote by the Regional Advance Mitigation Planning – Advisory Task Group (RAMP-ATG) on the SoCal Greenprint that would have inevitably put key housing and transportation infrastructure projects in jeopardy.


The RAMP-ATG spent the afternoon debating whether to adopt staff’s recommendation on approving the final draft of the RAMP Policy Framework. This comes after only four meetings of the group. As you know, we advocated aggressively to put off any vote on the following accords:

1. As a threshold issue, we need all remaining references to Greenprint removed from the RAMP Policy Framework.

2. All of the draft RAMP Policy Framework’s references to “best available science,” data sets and Greenprint need to instead be reserved for a new technical advisory committee for proper development and refinement.

3. As a result, we urge the RAMP-ATG to delay final adoption of the proposed RAMP Policy Framework, and allow for a minimum of thirty days for additional review and refinement.

While we were not able to secure the requested 30 days for review, the RAMP-ATG unanimously voted to delay any action for two weeks to work with us to further refine the RAMP framework.

We want to thank the 12 BizFed members and partners who rolled in LARGE during today’s meeting:

  • Rich Lambros, Southern CA Leadership Council
  • Jennifer Ward, Orange County Business Council
  • Jon Switalski, Rebuild SoCal
  • Benjamin Lopez, Inland Empire Economic Partnership
  • Jennifer Hernandez, Holland & Knight
  • Clayton Miller, Southern CA Contractors Association
  • Luis Portillo, San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership
  • Andy Henderson, Fivepoint
  • Ray Baca, Engineering Contractors Association
  • Chris Wilson, BizFed
  • Bryan Paulmaro, Rincon Strategies
  • Marika Poynter, Principal Planner – City of Irvine

We also want to thank the 5 RAMP-ATG members for their vote and voice of reason today and look forward to working with them moving forward:

  • Hon. Art Brown, Buena Park City Council
  • Hon. Curt Hagman, San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors
  • Hon. Peggy Huang, Yorba Linda City Council
  • Hon. Clint Lorimore, Eastvale City Council
  • Hon. David Pollock, Moorpark City Council

Continuing to Keep Up the Pressure,

Tracy Hernandez,

Founding CEO


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