Legislative Action Alert: Tell Gov. Brown to Veto or Sign these Bills!

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We are so close to to the end…we can’t let up just yet. Please ask Governor Brown to heed our direction on the pending laws that we care the most about. The bills listed below will have significant impacts on California’s economy and to our regional business community.

Fifteen (15) of BizFed’s priority bills have passed the Legislature and are either at Governor Brown’s desk or on their way to his desk.  The Governor has up to 12 days upon receipt of the bill to: sign bill, veto bill or bill becomes law without his signature.

BizFed sent letters to Gov. Brown requesting to either SIGN or VETO these 15 bills according to the views of our massive grassroots coalition. Please copy lara.larramendi@bizfed.org when you send your emails or letters to Gov. Brown. Now is the time to show our collective voices and push hard.

For a copy of all BizFed letters to Gov. Brown, CLICK HERE 

Email your message to: leg.unit@gov.ca.gov
Snail mail your letters to:
***Note: The Governor’s Office Protocol requires the original letter plus 3 copies***
The Honorable Edmund G. Brown, Jr.
State Capitol #1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

Bills Presented to Governor Brown


Bill # Author Topic BizFed Position Date to Gov. Link to Letter
AB570 Gonzalez Fletcher Workers’ compensation: permanent disability apportionment. OPPOSE/VETO 9/13 @ 4pm  CLICK HERE
AB978 Limon Employment safety: injury and illness prevention program OPPOSE/VETO 9/19 @ 3pm  CLICK HERE
AB1180 Holden Los Angeles County Flood Control District: taxes, fees, and charges. OPPOSE/VETO 9/21 @ 3:30pm  CLICK HERE
AB1209 Gonzalez Fletcher Employers: gender pay differentials. OPPOSE/VETO 9/19 @ 3pm  CLICK HERE
AB1274 O’Donnell Smog check: exemption. SUPPORT/SIGN 9/21 @ 3:30pm  CLICK HERE
AB1583 Chau Proposition 65: enforcement: certificate of merit: factual basis. SUPPORT/SIGN 9/25 @ 12pm  CLICK HERE
AB1701 Thurmond Labor-related liabilities: original contractor. OPPOSE/VETO 9/20 @ 4:30pm  CLICK HERE
SB63 Jackson Unlawful employment practice: parental leave OPPOSE/VETO 9/19 @ 4pm  CLICK HERE
SB231 Hertzberg Local government: fees and charges. OPPOSE/VETO 9/6 @ 3pm  CLICK HERE
SB306 Hertzberg Retaliation actions: complaints: administrative review OPPOSE/VETO 9/19 4 p.m.  CLICK HERE
SB541 Allen Water: school facility water capture practices. SUPPORT/SIGN 9/15 @ 3:30pm  CLICK HERE
SB634 Wilk Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency SUPPORT/SIGN 9/21 @5:30 pm  CLICK HERE

ENGROSSING AND ENROLLING — A nonpartisan unit in each House responsible for proofreading all forms of measures. The unit also prepares and delivers bills to the Governor for consideration.

Bill# Author Topic BizFed Position Date Link to Letter
AB246 Santiago Extend 2011 Jobs & Economic Improvement SUPPORT/SIGN 9/16  CLICK HERE
AB908 Dababneh Hospitals: seismic safety. SUPPORT/SIGN 9/15  CLICK HERE
AB1008 McCarty Employment discrimination: prior conviction history. OPPOSE/VETO 9/15  CLICK HERE

Whether you can ask the Governor to act on one or all of these bills, it all matters! He needs to hear from business leaders. We can still have an impact.  
Let’s fight to the end!

Warm Regards,

Tracy Hernandez


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