NEWS: PRESS RELEASE: LA Businesses Mobilize for Big Wins on 6 State Propositions and a Local Ballot Measures

Posted November 7th, 2018

Press Release

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LA Businesses Mobilize for Big Wins on
6 State Propositions and 1 Local Ballot Measures

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (November 7, 2018) – With preliminary results reporting, Tracy Hernandez, Founding CEO of the Los Angeles County Business Federation, BizFed, has issued the following statements on six statewide propositions and one local measures:

Propositions 1, 2, & 10

“Clearly voters are supporting common sense solutions to the affordable housing crisis by supporting Props 1 and 2 and defeating Prop 10. This outcome should be a call to action to our State’s leaders to expedite the production of all housing options.” – Tracy Hernandez, Founding CEO of BizFed

Proposition 4:
“We’re glad that California voters agree that not just children, but all of us will benefit from the improved facilities from Children’s Hospital Bond. Plus the construction of new children’s hospitals will create jobs throughout the state and a positive economic impact. ” – Tracy Hernandez, BizFed Founding CEO

Proposition 6:
“BizFed is proud that voters agreed on protecting more than $6.3 Billion in transportation funding for our roads and bridges. We stood with labor, state leaders and local government to ensure voters knew the truth about this measure.” – Tracy Hernandez, Founding CEO of BizFed

Proposition 8:
“Dialysis patients will continue to have choices in where to receive lifesaving treatment. Proposition 8 is an example of union leaders being willing to risk patients’ lives on a failed power play.” – Tracy Hernandez, BizFed Founding CEO

LA City Measure B:
“BizFed is proud of the voters for seeing that the City of Los Angeles should not be the guinea pig in the untested idea of a municipal bank. The idea that the city could run it’s own bank was rejected because voters lack confidence when they see how city runs everything else.  BizFed agrees with the the voters and with Los Angeles City’s own Chief Legislative Analyst that a public city bank is not viable.” – Tracy Hernandez, BizFed Founding CEO.


About Los Angeles County Business Federation (BizFed)

With more than 170 business organizations representing 390,000 employers with 3.5 million employees throughout L.A. County, BizFed is a massive, diverse grassroots alliance that advocates for policies and projects that strengthen the regional economy. Leveraging power in numbers, BizFed explores all sides of critical issues and takes action to make a difference for business growth, job creation, and economic vitality in Southern California.




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