NEWS: Here’s what we decided this month (Nov. Quick Read)

Posted November 15th, 2018



Many thanks to our November Board Meeting host Latham & Watkins!
Here’s what we decided at the meeting:

Don’t let Pomona City Council drive away jobs and investment

On November 19th, the Pomona City Council will consider amendments to the zoning laws affecting the Fairplex. These zoning amendments would give oversight to events held at Fairplex, requiring Conditional Use Permits Environmental Impact Reports for events. amendments like these will hinder events at the Fiarplex and put a strain on its business, which will hurt the entire city. The Fairplex cannot move, but many of the events that are hosted there could choose other venues, putting over 500 jobs at risk. BizFed is opposed to these F-Zone and will be writing to Pomona City Council and publicly testify before the Council on November 19th. Click here for supporting details and letter to the Pomona City Council.


Don’t gamble with city revenue, protect legal card rooms!

BizFed opposes a proposal by the Bureau of Gambling Control in the removal of some Blackjack games at card rooms in California. These games have been legally permitted for over 20 years. Casinos/Card Rooms make up a large portion of the general fund revenue for the cities in which they operate, and this action will greatly reduce municipal funding. Many small businesses will be hurt by the diminished card rooms including food and beverage, cleaning services and other vendors. For these reasons, local and state elected officials, local chambers of commerce and BizFed have stood up to oppose this egregious and sudden regulation. A letter has been submitted to Attorney General Becerra opposing the massive economic consequences this move will create. The Attorney General has the discretion to enact any new card game regulations. It is imperative that you send your letters to the Bureau of Gaming controls as soon as possible. Click here for supporting details and letter to the Attorney General.

We need this project to help alleviate LA County’s Housing Crisis and protect open space

Centennial at Tejon Ranch will provide 2,900 affordable units in unincorporated Los Angeles, which is more than the County provided in 2017 within unincorporated communities. Centennial at Tejon Ranch will boost the economy by providing over 23,000 jobs and 30,000 construction jobs. Centennial at Tejon Ranch is a project that includes the development of a master planned community, offering a wide array of housing, business park/office space, commercial, schools, parks, natural open space for cultural, and public uses. We need to tell the County Supervisors that they need to support this project and vote YES on December 11. Contact Jerard Wright, to show your support.

LA County Supervisors enact rent control
despite it being unpopular with voters

On Tuesday, 11/13/18, at 6:30 pm, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to approve the final language of the Interim Rent Control Ordinance (Kuehl-Solis). Supervisor Kathryn Barger, the only dissenter who voted in opposition. BizFed would like to thank Sup. Kathryn Barger for pulling the item from the consent calendar to enable public input. Unfortunately, any discussion of amendments or adjustments were not allowed by Board Chair, Sup. Sheila Kuehl. The ordinance will place a temporary 3% rent cap in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County, known as a “Rent Freeze,” commencing on September 11, 2019. After a 120-day period, a report back is due to the Board of Supervisors where they will consider making this interim ordinance permanent. BizFed is disappointed that the Board of Supervisors ignored our testimony and voted to approve this language without providing proper fiscal and economic analysis. Voters know that price controls will make our housing crisis worse which is why they rejected Proposition 10 at the ballot box last week. If you have any questions send all replies to Jerard Wright,

All the political analysis you need for 2019

With ballots still waiting to be counted, some local political pundits project that LA County could have no Republican representation in the State Legislature or Congress. Want to hear how all of this will affect your business in 2019? Come to our 6th Annual Political Forecast Luncheon, 12/17/18 1pm – 4 pm (Lunch served at 1pm). Get your tickets TODAY!

Congratulations and thank you to David Fleming
BizFed 10th Anniversary Champion Awardee

David Fleming, BizFed Founding Chair, was awarded the BizFed 10th Anniversary Champion Award for his innovative vision over our first decade, which has improved the course of California’s economy.







Welcome New BizFed Members & Investors

Beverly Hills Bar Association (Thank Steve Samuelian), Centurylink, Commercial Industrial Council/Chamber of Commerce, First 5 LA, Jewish Vocational Service, LA County Medical Association, OUE Skyspace, Perry Communications

Join us for our annual board meeting to give out:
2018 Officer Awards, Elect 2019 Officers, and Ratify the 2019 budget.
Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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