Posted March 26th, 2019

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Every year BizFed asks the business community to take the #BizFedPulsePoll. This poll tells us what the pulse of business is within Los Angeles County including how government is either helping or hurting business growth. The results tell help tell elected officials, the media, and BizFed what to focus on when it comes to business. Take it today, visit You don’t have to be a member to take the poll!

Here are the Highlights from the 2018 #BizFedPulsePoll…is this still true for 2019? Take the poll today and let us know!

Long Beach City Councilmember, Lena Gonzalez

This month, BizFed members were given a chance to meet and greet Long Beach City Councilmember, Lena Gonzalez, District 1. Councilmember Gonzalez gave a report on the economic growth and vitality of the County’s 2nd most business friendly city, Long Beach. She also spoke about how small business is thriving not only in Downtown Long Beach, but the entire City!

Councilmember Gonzalez is 1 of 12 candidates running in a Special Primary Election to fill Senate District 33. If you live in SD 33, THE ELECTION IS TODAY, March 26, 2019. Don’t forget to Vote!

Helping SoCal Gas customers to reach their sustainability goals

Reducing one’s carbon footprint and reach sustainability goals by displacing traditional fossil fuels with clean, renewable gas, is a goal that many organizations are striving for. SoCal Gas is submitting a proposal to State Regulators at the CA Public Utilities Commission (CUPC) which will give SoCal Gas customers an option of purchasing a portion of their gas from renewable sources. If approved by the CPUC, this program will be open to all SoCal Gas customers and this voluntary tariff will allow SoCal Gas to buy Renewable Gas from producers and reduce the amount of fossil gas that is brought into the SoCal Gas system. If you support SoCal Gas in their efforts to reduce California’s carbon footprint, submit your own letter to the CPUC, here is our letter to use as a template.

Another oil severance tax?!

Since 1990, at least 7 severance tax bills have been proposed, and SB 246 (Wieckowski) will be be the 8th. SB 246 would impose a 10% severance tax on oil and natural gas production. If enacted, SB 246 would make California the highest taxed oil producing state in the Country. This severance tax could potentially result in the loss of 55,000 blue collar, high-wage paying jobs, create higher fuel costs, and increase California’s dependency on imported oil. BizFed has helped stop severance taxes in the past, help us again by submitting your letter of opposition to Sen. Wieckowski. Click here to see our letter. 

Don’t ban reclaimed water! 

For decades, agricultural water supplies in the Central Valley have been using reclaimed treated produced water. The current process is working and AB 937 (Rivas) will add additional requirements and a review process that can have devastating implications. AB 937 would authorize a regional board to approve a waste discharge requirement for the use or reuse of produced water from an oil and gas operation for agricultural purposes or for groundwater recharge. The rationale for AB 937  would apply to all other types of water reclamation threatening investments in certain infrastructure projects. Join BizFed in opposing AB 937 and write your own letter of opposition.

Not all of us can afford Teslas…

AB 40 (Ting & Kalra) would require the California Air Resources Board to develop a strategy to ensure that the sale of new vehicles and new light-duty trucks in California have transitioned fully to zero-emission vehicles by 2040. This ambitious bill will create a one-size fits all approach to our diverse state in regards to zero emission vehicles is heavy handed and not feasible. BizFed opposes AB 40 because it would unaffordable for small business owners who haul goods and equipment in light duty trucks between many job sites and commuters who travel long distances for work. AB 40 fails to contemplate the impacts to the economy that could result from the cumulative effects of the banning of the internal combustion engine. Join BizFed in opposing AB 40 and write your own letter of opposition.

More desperate attempts to delay the CA WaterFix.

SB 204 (Dodd) would add a section to the Government Code that would delay action on the WaterFix and increase project costs by creating excessive delays in the contracting process. BizFed has joined nearly 40 other organizations in opposing unless amended SB 204 (Dodd). Did you know that about 30% of Southern California’s water supply comes from Northern California via an ecologically sensitive Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta on its way to the State Water Project pumping plants in the South Delta? This Delta needs some major necessary fixes due to climate change, seismic risk, and continued environmental decline. The CA WaterFix would help modernize and improve the state’s water supply reliability. Click here to view the joint letter of opposition.

Improve the CA Consumer Privacy Act

The CA Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) of 2018 passed and is set to go into effect in January of 2020. It is well recognized that the CCPA is full of flaws and BizFed is pushing the legislature to fix these flaws. The CCPA was intended to give consumers more tools to control and safeguard their personal information. BizFed is getting involved in the CCPA to help educate members about the current law and implementation process. We are encouraging legislators to pass legislation this session to make the CCPA workable for businesses before it takes effect in 2020. Click here to read our letter to Attorney General Xavier Becerra urging him to fix the problems within the CCPA.

Trade Feasibility

BizFed Supports AB 371 (Frazier) which would require the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GoBIZ), in consultation with the CA Transportation Commission and the CA Air Resources Board to prepare a statewide economic vitality assessment of the CA freight industry on or before 12/31/21. AB 371 will strengthen the competitiveness of both the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach against states like Utah, Georgia, and Texas who are expanding their logistics network and taking away markets from California. Preserving Los Angeles’s competitiveness is key to reducing our greenhouse emissions by 22% brought by goods movement. Click here to view our letter of support.

Alligator and crocodile skins good to go

Tourists and locals alike purchase millions of dollars of alligator and crocodile products every year. AB 527 (Voepel), would allow alligator and crocodile skins continue to be sold because they are no longer on the endangered species lists.The sale of alligator and crocodile skins is an important part of California’s economy and the retailers who utilize and sell these skins. Join us in sending letters of support to Assemblymember Voepel.

Vote NO on Measure EE
LAUSD Property Tax

LAUSD’s  Board voted to place a 16 cent per square foot property tax on the June 4th, special election ballot. This property tax would raise approximately $500 million annually for LAUSD schools. We all want an effective public education system for the children of LAUSD. Unfortunately, LAUSD’s proposed property tax isn’t the answer and has no guarantee to spend our tax dollars in the classroom to improve education. There is no oversight and this property tax sets a precedent for Split Roll. Reform First! Vote No on Measure EE.

BizFed Sacramento Day in the Media
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