Posted June 8th, 2021


BizFed 2021 Pulse Poll Sees Record Participation 

LOS ANGELES: In a recently completed survey of Los Angeles-area business leaders, when queried  about the “most business-friendly city” in Los Angeles County, 14% of respondents selected the  city of Long Beach. Torrance ranked first with 18%. The survey, completed by 782 respondents,  including 214 participating organizations comprising 100% of BizFed’s membership spread  across 19 industry sectors. The Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce (40 respondents) and the  Long Beach Economic Partnership (23 respondents) completed 63 surveys – tied for the second  highest total in the 2021 Pulse Poll. The survey analyzed key topics that impact business  operations and profitability including workforce levels, remote work, childcare challenges, the  effectiveness of government relief programs and other topics. 

“As the second largest city in Los Angeles County, Long Beach takes great pride in local  government’s ability to support businesses in our city,” said Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia. “It’s  because of this effective collaboration that our city is such a great place to live, work and raise a  family. Thank you to L.A.’s business leaders for acknowledging the City of Long Beach.” 

Most of the Pulse Poll responses from Long Beach were in line with the full survey results. 

• 62.5% of the Long Beach area business leaders expressed that they are “optimistic,” versus  63.2% for L.A. County overall. 

• 37.5% of the Long Beach area business leaders project increases to their workforce in the  coming year, versus 38.3% for L.A. County overall.

• As for L.A. County in general, Long Beach-area business leaders identified homelessness as  the top business concern and taxes and fees as the number two business concern. 

“Long Beach businesses are more positive about operations and expansion in the next 12  months than businesses throughout the Los Angeles County,” added Jeremy Harris, President and  CEO of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. “We value our working relationship with the  City of Long Beach and, while it can always improve, business leadership, education and advocacy  are essential elements to ensure that the Long Beach area continues to thrive in the 21st Century.” 

Differences in Long Beach responses to the Pulse Poll in comparison to Los Angeles County  include: 

• Remote work in Long Beach will not be as prevalent as in L.A. County – 22.5% expect to  have no employees working remote post-pandemic versus 12.48% countywide. • Childcare is an issue, but not for as many Long Beach businesses as in L.A. County in  general – 22.5% report that no employees have cited childcare concerns as a reason for  possibly not being able to return to the workplace versus 12.48% for L.A. County in  general. 

• Long Beach businesses support Governor Newsom, with 52.50% responding they feel he is  listening (versus 35.38% from all respondents) and 37.50% expressing that he is not  listening (versus 54.77% among all respondents). 

• While the top two business concerns were the same, noticeable differences included Crime  (#9 for Long Beach, #3 for L.A. County); Energy and Fuel Costs (#12 for Long Beach, #8 for  L.A. County); Local Permit Process (#5 for Long Beach, #11 for L.A. County); and Environmental Policies (#10 for Long Beach, #17 for L.A. County). 

• Long Beach business leaders’ assessment of local government’s efforts to reduce  homelessness and address housing affordability were rated even lower all L.A. County  respondents. Only 7.5% were satisfied with efforts to reduce homelessness (versus  11.34%countywide) and only 12.50% were satisfied with housing affordability (versus  26.87% in L.A. County in general). 

• Public Transportation is more important for Long Beach business leaders – 67.50%  expressing that it is either somewhat or extremely important for their employees and  customers versus 50.37% among all respondents 

• Less than half as many Long Beach respondents anticipate challenges paying their rent or  mortgage next year (9.09% in Long Beach versus 20.22% for L.A. County overall). 

“Collaboration is a hallmark of the Long Beach Economic Partnership,” continued Randal  Hernandez, chairman of the Long Beach Economic Partnership. “This unique relationship between  Long Beach businesses and government will accelerate the economic recovery growing business,  jobs and economic opportunity for the region.” 

About the BizFed Pulse Poll 

This year’s survey marks the 13th year that Employers Group has partnered with BizFed to  conduct its annual Pulse Poll, this year called “2021: Business Outlook and Re-Opening Survey.”  The survey, which was conducted from April 12 to May 4, 2021 asks BizFed members, business  owners and executives throughout Los Angeles County, a battery of questions to find out key  issues and concerns they deem most critical to the ongoing operation and growth of their  business. Access the full BizFed Pulse Poll here. 

“These comprehensive findings highlight how Los Angeles’ business leaders are ready to  get back to work and feel largely positive about the next 12-months,” stated Tracy Hernandez,  BizFed Founding CEO. “Barring unforeseen economic headwinds or government overreach, Los  Angeles-area business leaders believe they are poised for economic growth, job creation and  business expansion. That said, business leader concerns about homelessness and affordability  must be addressed in tangible ways.” 

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