3 FREE ways you can help defeat LAUSD Property Tax, Measure EE

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Defeating Measure EE – a 16 cent per square foot parcel tax on all properties in LAUSD boundaries – won’t be easy but we know it can be done. Polling shows that with a little education, voters see that this tax is bail out that will prop up the failing status quo at LAUSD, allowing the district to avoid implementing any major reforms. The $500 million in new tax money does not have to be spent in classrooms and there is no oversight to the spending.
Will you help defeat Measure EE in one of these FREE ways?
  1. Take the vote pledge at the bottom of the VoteNoOnEE.com. Then you will stay informed with the latest intel on the campaign and how to beat Measure EE!
  2. Get your friends and family to take the vote pledge.  Encourage your family and friends within LAUSD to VoteNoOnEE by forwarding an email that instructs them to go to the website and sign the vote pledge at the bottom of the VoteNoOnEE.com.
    • Hi (Name):
      I want you to know that I’m voting No on Measure EE, a 16-cent per square foot property tax that will appear on a June 4th Special Election. This tax increase will hurt all of us who live and work in the Los Angeles Unified School District.  Please go to www.VoteNoOnEE.com to learn more about this costly ballot measure and take the vote pledge. Together, we can defeat Measure EE.
  3. Post on Social Media! Facebook or Twitter
    • Facebook: I just pledged to oppose Measure EE – a massive property tax with no oversight and no guarantee that the tax dollars will go toward the classroom or kids. Please visit www.VoteNoOnEE.com. Get the facts for yourself…and take the vote pledge!
    • Twitter: I just pledged to vote @NoOnMeasureEE. Get the facts about EE and take the vote pledge – www.VoteNoOnEE.com #VoteNoOnEE

Let’s Defeat Measure EE Together!


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