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We are 6 days til Election Day, do your colleagues and members know how these City measures will affect their business and our local economy? We’ve put together resources for you to share with your members and contacts, so they can be aware and strengthen the voice of business in the ballot box! See the resources below and if you would like us to come to give a presentation to your group about these local measures, let us know. BizFed is here to help.

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Are you going to be too busy on Election Night and need an early morning update on the Election Results? We will discuss the various races that the BizFed PAC endorsed, state propositions, and county & local ballot measures. Make sure to be the first to know! Join us Wednesday, November 7th, at 9:00 am to get live results.

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Statewide Propositions on the November 6th Ballot:

VOTE YES: Proposition 1 – Authorizes $4 Billion in Bonds to Fund Specified Housing Assistance Programs. Legislative Statute. Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond (SB3)

Supported by: Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Sacramento Bee, Fresno Bee, Bakersfield Californian Mercury News, The Mercury News East Bay Times, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Modesto Bee,

Bakersfield Californian – “Proposition 1 authorizes $4 billion in general obligation bonds to provide much-needed funding to build housing for veterans and to help the state alleviate its affordable housing crisis.”



VOTE YES: Proposition 2 – Authorizes $2 Billion in Bonds to Fund Existing Housing Programs for Individuals with Mental Illness. Legislative Statute. No Place Like Home Act of 2018 (AB1827)

Supported by: Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, San Diego Union Tribune, Sacramento Bee, Fresno Bee, Bakersfield Californian, Mercury News, Mercury News East Bay Times, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Modesto Bee

Los Angeles Times – “Service providers have shown consistently that mentally ill homeless people are most likely to improve when housing is combined with treatment. Developers of the housing built with this money would be required to make mental health and case management services available as well.”



VOTE YES: Proposition 3 – Authorizes $8.87 Billion in Bonds to Fund Projects for Water Supply and Quality, Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Water Conveyance, and Groundwater Sustainability and Storage. Initiative Statute. State Water Supply Infrastructure, Water Conveyance, Ecosystem and Watershed Protection and Restoration, and Drinking Water Protection Act of 2018.

Supported by: Fresno Bee, Bakersfield Californian, Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Bakersfield Californian – “Proposition 3 is a citizen’s initiative bond to continue the investments in the state’s water supply and water quality. Remarkably, in this partisan environment, valley support for this $8.9 billion bond initiative is crossing party lines. Money from the sale of the bonds will be spent on many critical valley water projects and to provide clean drinking water in communities that now have unsafe water.”



VOTE YES: Proposition 4 – Authorizes $1.5 Billion in Bonds to Fund Construction at Hospitals Providing Children’s Health Care. Initiative Statute.Children’s Hospital Bond Act of 2018

Supported by: Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, San Diego Union Tribune, Sacramento Bee, Bakersfield Californian, Mercury News, Mercury News East Bay Times, Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Sacramento Bee – “Faced with a choice of whether to provide children with access to top-notch hospitals or leave them and their families to fend for themselves, big-hearted Californians have shown time and again that they will gladly hand over their tax dollars — even in the midst of a recession. They should do so again this year by voting “yes” on Proposition 4 on the Nov. 6 ballot.”



VOTE NO: Proposition 6 – Eliminates Certain Road Repair and Transportation Funding. Requires Certain Fuel Taxes and Vehicle Fees be Approved by The Electorate. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. Voter Approval for Increases in Gas and Car Tax.

Opposed by: Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, San Diego Union Tribune, Sacramento Bee, Bakersfield Californian, Mercury News, Mercury News East Bay Times, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, La Opinion, Modesto Bee, Ventura County Star

San Francisco Chronicle – “California’s plan to improve the state’s roads, highways, and transit infrastructure is supported by major business groups, first responders, environmental groups, and nearly every public policy outfit with an interest in good governance. Proposition 6 is a cynical political ploy that will starve California’s already-crumbling transportation networks, and it may not save drivers any money. Vote no.”



VOTE NO: Proposition 8 – Regulates Amounts Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Clinics Charge for Dialysis Treatment. Initiative Statute. Fair Pricing for Dialysis Act of 2018.

Opposed by: Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, San Diego Union Tribune, Sacramento Bee, Bakersfield Californian, Mercury News, Mercury News East Bay Times, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, La Opinion, Modesto Bee, Fresno Bee

Los Angeles Times – “Given the spread of diabetes and the kidney failure it can cause, the state will need more dialysis clinics, not fewer. But even if the revenue cap doesn’t drive clinics out of business, it would give them a perverse incentive to deliver care less efficiently — to raise patient-related spending in order to raise the revenue cap… The only guarantee is that it would make care more expensive, at a time when our goal as a society must be to bring healthcare costs down while keeping the quality of care high.”



VOTE NO: Proposition 10 – Expands Local Governments’ Authority to Enact Rent Control on Residential Property. Initiative Statute. Affordable Housing Act

Opposed by: The San Francisco Chronicle, San Diego Union Tribune, Bakersfield Californian, Mercury News, Mercury News East Bay Times, Modesto Bee, Fresno Bee, Orange County Registrar, Riverside Press-Enterprise, Los Angeles Daily News, Torrance Daily Breeze, Long Beach Press Telegram, San Bernardino Sun, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, La Opinion, Santa Rosa Press Demcrat

Bakersfield Californian – “Proposition 10, which would lift state limits on local rent control laws, would discourage construction of affordable housing and worsen California’s existing crisis. Voters should reject Proposition 10, which is being falsely presented as an easy way to combat increasing rents and to increase affordable housing. The answer to California’s housing crisis is to build more affordable housing, not to discourage construction.”


VOTE NO – County Measure W on the

November 6th Ballot:

VOTE NO: Measure W –  Los Angeles Region’s Public Health and Safe, Clean Water Program – OPPOSE
Formally known as the Safe, Clean Water Program (stromwater parcel tax), Measure W is disguised as a “plan” to protect and improve water quality; capture rain/stormwater to increase safe drinking water supply and prepare for future droughts. DON’T BE FOOLED; Measure W is not a plan at all. Measure W is a forever parcel tax with no commitments to any projects nor objectives, is based on inaccurate calculations of impermeable surface area & cost, and will raise housing cost on Los Angeles County Residents. Los Angeles County is already experiencing a housing affordability and homelessness crisis. If adopted, Measure W would add a new forever parcel tax of 2.5 cents per square foot of impermeable area, raising about $300,000,000 ANNUALLY. Measure W is a blank check with no promises and will hurt local homeowners and businesses. VOTE NO on Measure W. 



VOTE NO – City Measures on the

November 6th Ballot:



VOTE NO: Measure WW – Long Beach Hotel Worker Measure – If adopted by voters, Measure WW would require hotels containing more than 50 rooms to provide panic buttons for hotel workers even though the City Council has already adopted an emergency public safety ordinance requiring ALL hotels to provide panic buttons for hotel workers earlier this month. So, it’s not even needed for safety. The real problem is it also seeks to add overly burdensome work restrictions on hotel operators which will ultimately hurt local business, the City, and hotel employees. Measure WW is basically an attempt to unionize all hotels in the City of Long Beach. Oddly, the safety and work rules in this measure DO NOT apply if your hotel is unionized!





VOTE NO: Measure B – Municipal Financial Institution. Charter Amendment B – If adopted by voters, Measure B would amend the Los Angeles City Charter to allow the creation of a municipal financial institution or bank. This is terrible City governance. In February of this year, a report prepared by the City’s Chief Legislative Analyst found that there is no source of funds to capitalize a bank is available. City funds could not be deposited in the Municipal Bank of Los Angles (MBLA) for at least 3 years. And lastly, MBLA would have difficulty providing adequate collateral to support City bank requirements. To date, there is no clearly defined purpose nor funding for creating an LA City owned bank.




VOTE NO: Measure I – Pasadena Infrastructure/Community Essential Services Protection Measure – If adopted by voters, Measure I would add a ¾ cent sales tax on Pasadena residents, ultimately capping the City at one of the highest sales tax rates in California standing at 10 ½ cents! To date, there has not been transparency about city budgeting processes and no real effort put into creating a long-range organizational plan. Furthermore, there is no spending plan for the funds, no outside oversight and no accountability by the City of Pasadena as it relates to funds generated by the additional sales tax.


CLICK HERE to review BizFed’s press release urging voters to vote no.


Vote Nov. 6th or mail in your ballot today!

Get Out The Vote,

Tracy Hernandez


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