Action Alert – ACT TODAY – Oppose SB 120 (Roth) Formally AB 1000 (Friedman)!

Posted August 27th, 2018 | Status:

The fight isn’t over! In a last-minute play, Senator Roth gutted and amended SB 120 to serve as the new vehicle for the failed AB 1000 (Friedman) to be heard before the Assembly Natural Resources Committee tomorrow, August 28th.

Over 50 companies and organizations have signed on to the “Protect Water and Jobs” coalition in OPPOSITION to SB 120. CLICK HERE to review the letter.

The intention of SB 120 is to block the Cadiz Water Project, proponents of the bill would like to move the bill quickly in the waning minutes of the session to get around the tremendous opposition that AB 1000 garnered, which kept it on the Senate Suspense file this session. We need your help to protest this harsh targeting of a CEQA-approved, Court-approved, County-approved water project designed to provide reliable water and jobs for Southern California. CLICK HERE to read the full text of SB 120.

De’Andre Valencia, BizFed’s Advocacy Director will be attending this hearing late Tuesday, 8/28.

Here are things that can be done to help before tomorrow’s hearing:

1. Call the Legislature

Senator Richard Roth – Bill Sponsor: (916) 651-4031

Senator Toni Atkins, Senate President Pro Tempore: (916) 651-4039

Assemblyman Anthony Rendon, Speaker: (916) 319-2063

Natural Resources Committee Members:

Assm. Al Muratsuchi – Chair: 916-319-2066

Assm. Danta Acosta – Vice Chair: (916) 319-2038

Assm. Ed Chau: 916-319-2049

Assm. Susan Talamantes Eggman: 916-319-2013

Assm Heath Flora: 916-319-2012

Assm. Monique Limon: (916) 319-2037

Assm. Kevin McCarty: 916-319-2007

Assm. Melissa Melendez: 916-319-2067

Assm. Mark Stone: 916-319-2029

2. Share on Social Media

TWEET AT SENATE PRESIDENT TONI ATKINS: We need to build her opposition to this Assembly jail break. Please tweet at her (@SenToniAtkins) and others.

Here is a suggested tweet:

Please reject SB 120’s unprecedented effort to undermine CEQA, ignore California’s Courts, overrule local regulations, and stop water and jobs for Southern California. Infrastructure and vital services all over California are at risk. @SenToniAtkins @Rendon @Roth VOTE NO ON #SB120 – for water, for jobs, for our future.

3. Alert your Members, Spread the Word

PLEASE SEND OUT AN ACTION ALERT TO YOUR NETWORKS: Circulate this request for action to your members, employees, networks and organizations. We can use all the help we can get to stop this last-minute jail break.

Warm Regards,

Tracy Hernandez
Founding CEO, BizFed


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