ACTION ALERT: GOTV – Oppose City Measures Affecting Hotels, Banking and Sales Tax!

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There are just seven weeks until election day – do your colleagues and members know how the crowded ballot will affect their businesses and our local economy?  We’ve put together resources for you to share with your members and contacts, so they can be aware and strengthen the voice of business in the ballot box!


See the resources below, and if you would like us to come give a presentation to your group about these local measures, let us know. We’re here to help.

City Measures on the November 6th Ballot:



VOTE NO: Measure WW – Long Beach Hotel Worker Measure – If adopted by voters, Measure WW would require hotels containing more than 50 rooms to provide panic buttons for hotel workers even though the City Council has already adopted an emergency public safety ordinance requiring ALL hotels to provide panic buttons for hotel workers earlier this month. So, it’s not even needed for safety. The real problem is it also seeks to add overly burdensome work restrictions on hotel operators which will ultimately hurt local business, the City, and hotel employees. Measure WW is basically an attempt to unionize all hotels in the City of Long Beach. Oddly, the safety and work rules in this measure DO NOT apply if your hotel is unionized!





VOTE NO: Measure B – Municipal Financial Institution. Charter Amendment B – If adopted by voters, Measure B would amend the Los Angeles City Charter to allow the creation of a municipal financial institution or bank. This is terrible City governance. In February of this year, a report prepared by the City’s Chief Legislative Analyst found that there is no source of funds to capitalize a bank is available. City funds could not be deposited in the Municipal Bank of Los Angles (MBLA) for at least 3 years. And lastly, MBLA would have difficulty providing adequate collateral to support City bank requirements. To date, there is no clearly defined purpose nor funding for creating an LA City owned bank.



VOTE NO: Measure I – Pasadena Infrastructure/Community Essential Services Protection Measure – If adopted by voters, Measure I would add a ¾ cent sales tax on Pasadena residents, ultimately capping the City at one of the highest sales tax rates in California standing at 10 ½ cents! To date, there has not been transparency about city budgeting processes and no real effort put into creating a long-range organizational plan. Furthermore, there is no spending plan for the funds, no outside oversight and no accountability by the City of Pasadena as it relates to funds generated by the additional sales tax.


Register to Vote in Los Angeles County by Oct 22nd


Become a Permanent Vote by Mail Voter

There are two (2) easy ways to become a Permanent Vote by Mail voter.
One: Re-register to vote online and checkmark the “Permanent Vote by Mail” voter box.
Complete and return a Permanent Vote by Mail Application to our office.
Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk, P.O. Box 30450, Los Angeles, CA 90030-0450

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