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I would like to personally request that you send us your company/organizations logo to support our water efforts regarding SB 1133 and BizFed’s Safe, Clean Water Program Coalition Letter.


You can send them to De’Andre Valencia at

CLICK HERE to download the SB 1133 Coalition Letter

CLICK HERE to download the SCWP Coalition Letter


BizFed’s Sponsored Bill SB 1133 (Portantino)

Great News! We are headed to the Senate Floor!

Why Endorse SB 1133?

The need to update the Basin Plan is critical to managing the costs of stormwater management which the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works estimates will cost $20 billion countywide.  By updating our basin plan, the cost to meet compliance can drastically be reduced, ultimately reducing the cost that would be pushed on Cities and the business community. As the County is pushing for their Safe, Clean Water Program, a parcel tax, this bill would allow funding to be allocated from this program to update the basin plan, with out putting additional burdens on City’s and the business community.

SB 1133 would do one simple thing, it would give the Regional Water Quality Control Board authority to accept funding from permittee’s for the purpose of updating our regions basin plan.

BizFed’s Coalition Letter re: The County of Los Angeles Safe, Clean Water Program

As you know, BizFed has been an active and ongoing participant in Los Angeles County’s efforts to develop a storm water fee or tax to support the water quality compliance requirements of the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board and its MS4 Permits, TMDLs, and Basin Plan.  Being the voice of business, we have organized a broad coalition of property related businesses and municipal partners to serve as a resource in the development of the tax proposal and to analyze its impact on various types of property uses.  Utilizing these vast resources, we have been providing comments and concerns regarding any tax or fee concepts.  Unfortunately, many of the issues that have been raised, remain.  We feel there is a great deal more work that needs to be done to develop an effective plan that we can support.

To ensure your voice is heard, join our coalition today!



Tracy Hernandez


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