ACTION ALERT: *Last Chance* to Advocate Before Summer Recess!

Posted July 12th, 2021 | Status:

Wednesday, July 14th is the last day for legislative bills to be heard by appropriate policy committees.

Make sure the voice of business is heard loud and clear!

As our state legislature prepares to go on summer recess (July 16th – August 15th), July 14th will be your last chance to make sure your voice is heard. Please review the chart below outlining bills with upcoming hearing dates and BizFed’s positions. Plan to call in with brief “Me, too!” testimony.

Bill #


BizFed Position


Committee & Agenda

Hearing Date


AB 1302


SUPPORT Commercial cannabis billboards: placement restrictions Sen. Transportation Committee Tuesday, 7/13 @ 9 am 1-888-251-2909 Access Code 7362831



SUPPORT CEQA Streamlining for Transportation/Transit Projects Asm. Judiciary Tuesday, 7/13 @ 8 am




Would require a health care service plan/ health insurer to contract with its health care providers to reimburse, at a reasonable rate, their business expenses that are medically necessary to render treatment to patients, to protect health care workers, and to prevent the spread of diseases causing public health emergencies. Asm. Health Committee Tuesday 7/13 @ 1:30 pm (written testimony only)



SUPPORT Business Pandemic Relief: Provides some regulatory relief for restaurants. Sen. Health Committee Wednesday, 7/14 (Upon adjournment of Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee) 1-888-251-2909 Access Code 7362831


Chiu & Holden

SUPPORT Codifies 25% goal for small business State procurement & commitment inc. DBEs, DVBEs Sen. Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee Wednesday, 7/14 @ 9 am 1-888-251-2909 Access Code 7362831

Teleconference Quick Tips

  1. Call the toll free number and enter the access code.
  2. Enter the ‘waiting room’ where you can listen while muted.
  3. Mute your device(s).
  4. Listen to the hearing using the phone.
  5. When prompted for your position, dial 1-0 (one time only).
  6. Be patient and an operator will give you a line number. There may be a short wait.
  7. Once you receive your line number, you are officially in the queue.
  8. Wait your turn. The moderator will call your line number and unmute you.
  9. Address the committee!

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