ACTION ALERT – Only 8 hours left to send your letters to SCAG SUPPORTING a 120 day extension!

Posted May 6th, 2020 | Status:

ACTION ALERT – Only 8 hours left to urge the SCAG Regional Council to SUPPORT the staff recommendation for a 120-day delay on Thursday! 

Last week your letters have SCAG’s attention and they are listening to us! SCAG staff released yesterday their recommendation and it includes our request for a pause to the Connect SoCal plan without jeopardizing vital Federal transportation funding.

It is critical these next 8 hours before Thursday’s meeting that we urge the SCAG Regional Council to SUPPORT the staff recommendation to adopt Resolution 20-621-1 which would enable a 120-day delay to the ‘Connect SoCal’ plan.

We are urging you to send in letters before 5 pm TODAY (click on the button above or on the title image where you can submit your letter in under 2 minutes!) to the SCAG Regional Council.

The resolution contains a 120-day delay to the housing component of the Connect SoCal plan to establish the changes between the ‘draft’ and ‘final’ plans and to ensure that these changes will help not harm the vital jobs, needed housing supply, and transportation infrastructure solutions.

The resolution mirrors the sensible request made to SCAG last week that would help build consensus with Regional Council leaders in order to move forward;

* Approve the Regional Transportation Plan(RTP) component on May 7th to obtain the Federal Transportation dollars.

* Postpone approval of the Sustainable Communities Strategy(SCS) that impacts housing production.

* During the postponement, SCAG will identify and restore SCS projects that have already received local entitlements and correct inconsistencies with the SCS and locally approved general plans.

A growing coalition of business leaders submitted our letter this week. There is an opportunity to join this growing coalition in a new before Thursday’s decision, along with your personal and organization letters, please contact Jerard Wright to send us your logo and approved signature to add to the next version of the coalition letter before COB Today, May 6th!


Now that you’ve sent your letter, it is crucial you share the need for the delay on social media and tag SCAG leadership.  We’ve prepared a sample tweet and handles below, take a look!


@SCAGnews @MayorBillJahn  @RexRichardson  @ClintLorimore Thursday support increasing housing supply and transportation infrastructure by approving staff recommendation to extend the “Connect SoCal Plan” process for 120-days.


@SCAGnews  @KomeA   @MayorBillJahn  @RexRichardson  @ClintLorimore  @AlanWapner  @bialv

BACKGROUND: How does SCAG’s 25 year planning for my city impact me?

SCAG is made up of an 86-member governing board of local elected officials representing the six southern California counties and 191 cities and sits on various committees that help shape the 25 year ‘ConnectSoCal’ plan.

  • Impacts qualifying for the maximum federal funding for over 4,000 transportation projects—ranging from highway improvements, railroad grade separations, new transit hubs, new bus and rail corridors, pedestrian improvements, and replacement bridges.
  • Impacts support of our vital goods movement industry while defining ways to utilize resources more efficiently.
  • Impacts land-use strategies (featuring housing!) that help our region achieve state greenhouse gas emission reduction goals and federal Clean Air Act requirements.
  • Impacts preserving open space areas, improving public health, and roadway safety.


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