ACTION ALERT – Stop the SCAQMD’s tax on Warehouses – Send your letter now!

Posted May 5th, 2021 | Status:

On Friday, May 7, The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) is considering a large and illegal new TAX on Warehouses. If passed as drafted it could add nearly $1 a square foot to many warehouses, every year, without end. Millions of dollars will be charged to our local businesses which will likely cost jobs and raise prices to ship all our products.

And for what?

Official studies can’t verify this onerous expensive rule actually reduces emissions. And reducing emissions is what we all need to stay focused on. They also don’t have authority to regulate trucks that go in and out of our warehouses.

The regulation proposed by the district, called Indirect Source Rules, makes warehouses responsible for decreasing truck emissions or pay a “mitigation fee.” However, because the owner receives no direct benefit from the fee, this “fee” is actually a tax. A tax that will not go before the voters. Learn more about the issue here.

The regulation is so complex it’s nearly impossible for warehouses to comply. Forcing them to pay millions in “fees.”

We need to let the SCAQMD know that we ARE watching and do not approve of their government overreach that will drive up the costs of goods, threaten jobs and do little to reduce emissions in the area.

Send an easy, pre-written letter to the SCAQMD letting the district know of your opposition!

BizFed has been fighting the Indirect Source Rule for several years. It only hurts businesses and will only exacerbate our current economic crisis.

We need you to get involved!

Thank you for your advocacy! If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact

In your corner,


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