ACTION ALERT: #StopSB120 which will kill 6,000+ So Cal Jobs

Posted August 30th, 2018 | Status:


We only have 1 day to stop this legislation!

SB 120
“Water conveyance: use of facility with unused capacity.”

SB 120 (Roth) is back to the Senate where President Pro Tem Toni Atkins has the ability to end this bad bill in the waning hours of this session! This bill would undermine CEQA, overrule local government decisions, and risks union jobs and water reliability. Our Policy Team is calling all LA Senators to let them know that BizFed OPPOSES SB 120!

3 Things YOU Can Do:

  1. Contact Senator President Pro Tem, Toni Atkins with the message that BizFed OPPOSES SB 120 and thereby protect jobs, water and CEQA.
    (916) 651-4170 (SD39) Toni Atkins
    “I am calling in opposition to SB120. This bill would undermine CEQA, overrule local government decisions, and risks union jobs and water reliability. This is a last-minute gut-and-amend bill that was introduced only three days ago, yet it is so dangerous that over 70 organizations have already stated their opposition. The Assembly has tossed aside every legislative rule to move this bill far too quickly putting water, jobs and the CEQA permitting process at risk. If this bill passes the Senate, it would create a precedent which would stifle the development of needed infrastructure and housing in California. We strongly Oppose SB 120.”
    Tweet:  President Pro Tem @ToniAtkins, we oppose SB 120, which will threaten water reliability for 400,000 Southern #StopSB120 @SenToniAtkins
  2. Call your Senator, all need to hear from us!
  3. EMAILS: Please visit and complete the form letter that will be sent to ALL SENATORS. Ask your entire membership list to do the same.

Senate (13)

Ben Allen – 916/651-4026            (SD26) Vanessa Delgado – 916/651-4032          (SD32)
Steven Bradford – 916/651-4035  (SD35) Holly Mitchell – 916/651-4030                 (SD30)
Kevin de Leon – 916/651-4024     (SD24) Ling Ling Chang – 916/651-4029            (SD29)
Ed Hernandez – 916/651-4022     (SD22) Anthony Portantino – 916/651-4025        (SD25)
Robert Herztberg – 916/651-4018 (SD18) Henry Stern – 916/651-4027                   (SD27)
Ricardo Lara – 916/651-4033       (SD33) Scott Wilk – 916/651-4021                      (SD21)
Connie Leyva – 916/651-4020      (SD20) Sen. Pro Tem Toni Atkins 916/651-4170 (SD39)


President Pro Tem @ToniAtkins @GeneralRoth Protect integrity of CEQA, local control of infrastructure projects, jobs and water. Stop #SB120. #StopSB120


Water reliability & local jobs are at risk! Please stop #SB120 which undermines CEQA & local gov’t control of infrastructure projects #StopSB120 @ToniAtkins @GeneralRoth


Support the role of local government to oversee infrastructure projects in the community, we OPPOSE #SB120 #StopSB120 @ToniAtkins @GeneralRoth


We OPPOSE #SB120, which will threaten water reliability for 400,000 Southern Californians #StopSB120 @ToniAtkins @GeneralRoth


Please stop SB 120, which threatens CEQA approved water infrastructure projects like #CadizWater and will kill 6,000 jobs #StopSB120 @ToniAtkins @GeneralRoth


Please stand with labor unions by voting no on #SB120, which will kill union & veteran jobs & threaten the livelihoods of hard-working families #StopSB120 @ToniAtkins @GeneralRoth


We strongly oppose #SB120 which threatens 6,000 jobs, including good jobs for labor unions & #StopSB120 @ToniAtkins @GeneralRoth


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