ACTION ALERT – TODAY IN AN HOUR! – Metro Board may undo voter funding for HIGHWAYS

Posted June 24th, 2021 | Status:

THIS MORNING(6/24 at 10am) the LA Metro Board of Directors will be hearing an item that will seek to change the program criteria of Measure R and Measure M, which will reduce highway funding in our region.

As you know, BizFed was instrumental in passing Measure R and Measure M, in part to tackle the number one transportation issue business owners have…moving people and goods on our roads and highways.

This morning’s effort by LA Metro could derail that effort.

Diverse business leaders must speak up quickly!

The Asks: (any or all actions are most welcome):

1) Call into the Metro Board of Directors meeting (6/24) at 10am and speak in opposition to File Item 17 (Modernizing the Metro Highway Program) during public comment.

Dial-in: 888-251-2949 and enter Access Code: 8231160#. Public comment may be taken at the beginning of the meeting or as the Board takes up each item. To give public comment on an item, enter #2 (pound-two) when prompted. Please note that the live video feed lags about 30 seconds behind the actual meeting. There is no lag on the public comment dial-in line.

2) Post on social media TODAY

Sample Social Media Tweets:

@BizFed and the broader business community were instrumental in passing #MeasureR and #MeasureM. We remain opposed to any derailing of these efforts by @metrolosangeles Board of Directors as agendized on their 6/24 Board Agenda. #BusinessMakesLAWork

@metrolosangeles Board Chair @ericgarcetti and Vice Chairs @HildaSolis & @AraJNajarian, and the rest of the board are seeking to undo #MeasureR and #MeasureM on their 6/24 Board Agenda and jeopardize vital movement our of goods, customers and employees. Tell #LAMetro to oppose this flawed item.

@metrolosangeles Board of Directors are seeking to jeopardize #MeasureR and #MeasureM on tomorrow’s 6/24 agenda and undo all the work @BizFed and the @LAOC_BTrades were able to accomplish to pass these two important transportation and mobility-related measures.

According to a recent @BizFed poll, 9 out of 10 members of the business community favor transportation programs like #MeasureR and #MeasureM. At a time when California is bouncing back, @metrolosangeles Board Chair @ericgarcetti and Vice Chairs @HildaSolis & @AraJNajarian and Members are looking to undo these efforts.

Today’s @metrolosangeles meeting on derailing #MeasureM and #MeasureR has been amended several times with no public comment on these changes. This is a disservice to organizations like @BizFed @LAOC_BTrades & others. Tell @ericgarcetti @HildaSolis and @AraJNajarian to reject this flawed item.

3) Contact any/all of the Board Members.

Say I wish to comment on File Item 17 relating to Modernizing the Metro Highway Program, and changing the program criteria for Measure R and Measure M.

– I am opposed to removing funding from highway improvements that reduce congestion and supporting vital movement of our goods, customers, and employees.

– Any altering of Measure R and Measure M funds must be fully vetted in the light of day. You may not simply undo the deal you made with voters to get their sales tax to eliminate gridlock.


LA Metro is currently considering modernizing their project eligibility for highway operational improvements and ramp/interchange improvements under Measure R and Measure M guidelines. In January of 2020 through the fall of 2020, the board initiated discussions on the proposed improvements and guidelines to allow for additional investments in active transportation and complete streets projects. Recommended revisions by an assigned committee were presented to and approved by the board in June 2020 and were posted for review and and comment by the public and stakeholders.

The Problem:

It was confirmed that public outreach during the height of the pandemic consisted of minimal outreach such as a press release and social media. Additionally, the updated guidelines were only supposed to be geared towards two COG (Council of Governments) regions but eventually opened up to all areas without notice. Instead of debating and hearing this item, the Metro Planning and Programming Committee chose to not properly vet this item on 6/16 before moving it to the 6/24 Board Meeting. Lastly, several amendments and word-changes were made to the policy between the Planning and Programming Committee and to date with no formal outreach on those changes.

Thank you for acting quick to keep faith with the taxpayers to reduce gridlock!

Founding CEO


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