ACTION ALERT: Vote NO on Measure EE!! LAUSD needs reform more than new money!

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BizFed has voted to oppose Measure EE (LAUSD’s Property Tax) which will be on the June 4th special-election ballot.  Please join us in educating your networks about this damaging tax proposal.

On Thursday, February 28, 2019, the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Board voted unanimously to place a 16 cents per square foot property tax on the June 4th special election ballot. The initiative (if approved by two-thirds of voters in LAUSD’s service area) would raise approximately $500 million annually for LAUSD schools, mostly from businesses.

We all want an effective public education system for our children and support greater funding to get there. Unfortunately, money from the tax won’t add resources to classrooms. It will be used to temporarily fix a budget deficit and to pay for LAUSD’s over-promised pension and health insurance costs. District bureaucrats and defenders of the failed status quo want taxpayers to bail out a school district with a history of red ink, appalling education results, declining enrollment, runaway administrative hiring, and exploding retirement and health care costs.

We oppose Measure EE for the following reasons:

  1. This measure doesn’t require any fundamental reform that will fix the school district.
  2. There is no oversight guaranteeing this money will be spent on students or in classrooms.
  3. The funds raised through this parcel tax will mainly fund long-term healthcare and pension benefits for LAUSD employees.
  4. There was no stakeholder involvement prior to placement on the June 4th ballot.
  5. It is a per square foot parcel tax, not a flat rate per parcel.  This means that business properties and multi-family housing will pay the most, increasing the cost of goods, services, and housing in Los Angeles.

Even worse this new property tax is coming on the heels of last November’s stormwater parcel tax (Measure W), and with a potential for other Los Angeles County parcel tax measures on upcoming ballots (one to fund the Fire Department and another to fund libraries) plus a Split Roll Property Tax (Proposition 13 “reform”) initiative that has already qualified for the November 2020 ballot.


There are efforts underway to create a formal Opposition Campaign, which BizFed will participate in. For more information, contact Matt Klink at

CLICK HERE to download BizFed’s Ballot Statement in Opposition (submitted on 3/15)

CLICK HERE to download LAUSD’s Ballot Statement in Support, (submitted on 3/15)

CLICK HERE to download Measure EE Ballot Language (provided by LAUSD)

CLICK HERE to download the LAUSD Parcel Tax Polling Data Presentation (provided by LAUSD, conducted by FM3)

CLICK HERE to download the map of LAUSD jurisdiction (provided by LAUSD)


At BizFed’s March advocacy committee meeting, 3/7/19, Superintendent Austin Beutner gave an overview of the parcel tax.  A motion was brought forward to oppose the tax and submit a ballot argument in opposition.  Considering ballot arguments were due by March 15th, a BizFed Executive Committee meeting was called in order to have an official position in time submit the argument in time.  On Thursday, March 14th BizFed’s Chairman Steve Bullock convened an Executive Committee call where the Advocacy Committee’s recommendation was voted on and passed unanimously.





Tracy Hernandez


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