Action Alert: Vote “NO” On New Laws that Limit Hotel Recovery

Posted July 14th, 2021 | Status:

Tell West Hollywood to Vote “NO”
On New Laws that Limit Hotel Recovery

On July 19, the West Hollywood City Council is considering a new ordinance that will add burdensome regulations to hotels and stifle their economic recovery.

These hotel ordinances are popping up in cities throughout Los Angeles County with an annual revenue impact of $1M to $2.25M per hotel. If industry doesn’t stand up now, your city will be next.

The ordinance is disguised as a “safety” ordinance, requiring hotels to abide by procedures they are already doing, and adding unworkable guidelines that will hurt hotel workers – not help.

The ordinance would:

  • Add a square footage limit, even though hotels and unions use other factors to decide how many rooms need to be cleaned. This limit is estimated to be well below the daily average of what typical workers clean.

  • Requires hotels pay room attendants overtime for the entire shift, rather than just by the hour if employees go over the prescribed 3,500 square feet or the room attendants work more than eight hours in a day.

  • Other provisions of the ordinance include third-party certification for all room attendants, permanent recall and retention, and annual trainings beyond state requirements.

These provisions will cut hours for room attendants, prevent them from receiving overtime, and decrease their wages – not add to it.


Send a one-click letter to the West Hollywood City Council.

Call into the City Council meeting and let your voice be HEARD!

WHEN: Monday, July 19th at 6pm

This option is to provide public comment via phone ONLY. To view the meeting, please visit

  1. You are strongly encouraged to e-mail no later than 2:00 p.m. Council meeting day, to be added to the Public Speaker List for the meeting. Please include your name, the phone number from which you will be calling, and which item you would like to speak on.

  2. Dial-in 10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting

Dial-in: 669-900-6833
Meeting I.D.: 965 7964 4116, then #

Hotels provide vital tax revenue to cities. If this ordinance gets passed, and others like it, it will threaten important local services these hotels help provide.

It’s important the business community throughout LA County let the West Hollywood City Council know we are watching them and don’t approve of this government overreach.

Thank you for your help in defeating this misguided ordinance. If you have any questions, please contact

In your corner,

Founding CEO, BizFed


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