ACTION ALERT – We Need Your Help! Oppose SB12 and Protect Housing Development

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ACTION ALERT – BizFed OPPOSES SB 12 (McGuire) that will further exacerbate the current housing crisis without achieving the purpose of protecting the public from wildfires.

Next week (7/12), the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee will hear and discuss SB 12 (McGuire) beginning at 1:30pm.

Below are three ways to voice your opposition and make your voices heard (any or all actions are welcome):

1) Send in your letter of OPPOSITION in less than a minute!

2) Call into next week’s Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee at 1:30pm and voice your “Me Too” in opposition to SB 12.

— Call-in number and information to be released by committee next week. Will provide in follow-up alert —

3) Post on Twitter – Here are some sample tweets:

#SB12 by @ilike_mike will not only exacerbate the housing crisis but will do nothing to protect the public from wildfires. In fact, it could open local agencies to unnecessary lawsuits. Join @BizFed in opposing #SB12!

#SB12 has been touted as necessary to protect residents and homes from wildfires. Nothing could be further from the truth. SB12 by @ilike_mike is flawed and fraught with problems. @BizFed

@BizFed is opposed to #SB12 as it will open the door to an avalanche of onerous and unnecessary regulations that stifle new housing construction. Tell @ilike_mike to drop SB12!

#SB12 ignores the fact that for decades, California homebuilders have been effective in protecting homes from wildfires. Tell @ilike_mike to drop SB 12. @BizFed

Very soon, @DavidChiu and his Housing Cmte will hear #SB12. He and his cmte members need to know that SB12 will create unnecessary and costly hurdles at a time when CA is in a housing crisis. @BizFed


Over the last several years, California and its local jurisdictions have incorporated the most advanced and protective fire standards and technologies into new developments. Homes built under California’s current Wildland-Urban Interface Code, Fire Code and Building Code standards and Title 14 fire regulations have a proven track record of successfully withstanding fire events.

Despite the success of this existing regime for new development, SB 12 (McGuire) seeks to impose a new regulatory framework that will place duplicative procedures on development that could result in a number of unintended consequences, including the stifling of the creation of critically needed housing stock.

See our letter opposing SB 12 and the July 12 agenda:

Last month, Lucy Dunn from the Orange County Business Council, Jeff Montejano of the Building Association of Southern CA and I published an Op-Ed on SB12 and how it will threaten home construction. Check it out here

Who is on the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee?


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