ALL BizFed Exec Cmte Leaders Featured in Today’s SCNG Newspapers!

Posted December 10th, 2020 | Status:

On behalf of Team BizFed, we’d like to extend the sincerest THANK YOU to Sandy Sanchez at FivePoint for bravely chairing BizFed during this history making year!

Alongside every single one of our amazing 2020 Officers and Executive Committee leaders have engaged and mobilized BizFed to be the catalyst for a year of lightning speed intel sharing and impactful policy making.

We’d also like to give Bill Van Laningham, Co-Chair of our Polling & Metrics Committee, a special shout out for publishing our BizFed full page ad in all SoCal News Group papers today!

As we wrap up another year, we’d like to give a giant THANK YOU to our dynamic, diverse, and expert business leaders we have leading our massive alliance!

With much gratitude,

Tracy Hernandez

BizFed Founding CEO


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