FLOOR ALERT: Send in Your Support for BizFed Sponsored SB 15!

Posted June 1st, 2021 | Status:

FLOOR ALERT – BizFed Sponsored SB 15 (Portantino) is scheduled to be taken up on the Senate Floor as early as today (Tuesday) June 1 through Friday June 4. Send in your letters of SUPPORT for SB 15 (Portantino)!

WE NEED YOUR HELP: Click on the button below where YOU can submit your letter in under a minute to Los Angeles County members of the California State Senate.

BizFed STRONGLY SUPPORTS SB 15 (Portantino) as it will provide sales tax rebates to local governments when they convert idle commercial sites and buildings to housing.

Please note that the state legislature is required to pass all House of Origin bills by Friday June 4 per (J.R. 61(a)(8)).

To view daily Senate floor webcasts leading up to June 4, please click here.



SB 15 (Portantino): SB 15 will enable local cities to receive from HCD the average of the annual amount of sales tax revenue generated by that site for the last seven (7) years if the site has been converted and occupied with new housing. The city would receive that average amount for a total of seven years.

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