GET OUT & VOTE TODAY: Support Prop. 68 & 69!

Posted June 5th, 2018 | Status:


Today is Election Day. GET OUT TO VOTE TODAY! Polls close at 8pm. Click here to find your polling location. If you have not submitted your absentee ballot, please submit at your nearest polling location. Don’t let your vote go to waste!

EVERY VOTE MATTERS! Deciding who our top two candidates for the Governor’s race and all the Statewide Offices is vital to us all, it all comes down to voter turn out. So, get out to vote today!


Proposition 68 is a general obligation bond that invests $4 billion in the coming years to tackle some of California’s most important water, park, and natural resource needs. The state legislature passed the California Clean Water & Parks Act (SB5) with bipartisan support. CLICK HERE to visit the campaign website. VOTE YES!

Proposition 69 guarantees existing transportation taxes can only be used for transportation improvement projects. It prevents the legislature from redirecting these funds for non-transportation purposes. CLICK HERE To visit the campaign website. VOTE YES!

Get out to vote!


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