INFO ALERT – BizFed’s statement on vaccinating teachers

Posted March 2nd, 2021 | Status:

INFO ALERT – BizFed urges Governor Newsom to increase vaccinations for teachers and staff

Today, BizFed released the below statement urging Governor Newsom to increase vaccination doses for teachers in order to quickly and safely reopen our schools.

Today the state takes over vaccination distribution through Blue Shield and the Johnson & Johnson vaccination has been approved. California is expecting to triple its vaccination supplies.

We call upon Governor Newsom and our elected representatives to take the business community seriously and work with greater urgency to increase vaccination allocation to our local teachers and school personnel to safely reopen schools, now!

Keeping you informed,

Tracy Hernandez
Founding CEO, BizFed

Tracy Hernandez

March 1, 2021

The state has the means to vaccinate all teachers and staff immediately

LOS ANGELES – Reacting to today’s official start of the state’s takeover of the vaccine distribution through Blue Shield, BizFed’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Task Force is calling on Governor Gavin Newsom to vaccinate all teachers and other school personnel to re-open schools throughout the state.

Tracy Hernandez, BizFed founding CEO issued the following statement:

“Now that we’re approaching a full year in lock-down and with the state’s largest school districts largely closed to in-person instruction, now is the time for immediate and consistent action across the state to resolve this important issue.

“Let’s remove any obstacles to re-opening schools. Effective today we have a 3rd FDA approved vaccine, and we have a Blue Shield statewide sanctioned program to significantly increase vaccine distributions. It’s time to make teachers and school personnel a top priority, now!

“Ample studies exist that highlight the psychological and physical harm to students, particularly California’s most vulnerable populations, through the continuation of virtual instruction. What’s not received as much coverage is the negative impact that virtual instruction has on employees and small businesses. Parents are pulling double duty, helping their children access and engage in school, while trying to earn a living or look for employment.

“It’s evident that the inconsistent, scatter-shot approach is not working. If we’re serious about re-opening schools, getting students back into classrooms, parents back to work and our economy re-started, now that we have more vaccines, prioritizing teachers and other school employees for immediate vaccination is the obvious solution.”

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About BizFed: BizFed Los Angeles is a grassroots alliance of more than 210 business organizations representing 450,000 employers with over 4 million employees in Los Angeles County. As united federation, we advocate for policies and projects that strengthen our regional economy.

About BizFed’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Task Force: BizFed’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Task Force is an august group of over 100 businesses and business organizations dedicated to helping all 88 cities and our county reopen as safely and effectively as possible.


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