INFO ALERT – Gov Newsom Announces New Re-Opening Guidelines

Posted August 28th, 2020 | Status:

Today, Governor Newsom announced a new system for reopening the economy – introducing a four tiered approach to help slow the spread. 

According to the Governors office, this new approach requires:

  1. At least 21 days to expand activities beyond the initial tier to ensure California better limits the spread of the virus;
  2. Mandatory metrics – case rates and test positivity – to measure how widespread COVID-19 is in each county and guide what is allowed;
  3. A uniform state framework, with four categories instead of 58 different sets of rules;
  4. A more nuanced way of allowing activity: Instead of open vs. closed, sectors can be partially opened and progressively add to their operations as disease transmission decreases; and
  5. A new process for tightening back up again quickly when conditions worsen.

Each county will fall into one of four colored tiers – Purple (Widespread), Red (Substantial), Orange (Moderate) and Yellow (Minimal) – based on how prevalent COVID-19 is in each county and the extent of community spread. That color will indicate how sectors can operate and will be updated weekly.

The state has also updated their website to reflect these changes and provides more information on these protocols. You can view that website here:

To learn more about individual sectors and how the new tiers impact them, click here.

More information about this new approach is developing. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact

Keeping you informed,

Tracy Hernandez
Founding CEO, BizFed


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