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This morning there was an article in the LA Times and an editorial in the LA Daily News, both referencing dismal results reported by LAUSD. Citing a recent report that less than half of High School graduates meet Cal State University application requirements. The district says there is no major reform plan in the works – yet they are asking taxpayers to infuse an additional $500 million a year to the district to fill budget shortfalls and pay debts.
This is not ok.  We shouldn’t bailout a bloated bureaucracy that is failing our kids. The District’s proposed property tax, Measure EE, is a desperate move by people who care more about maintaining their own power than fixing the problems that hurt kids.

LAUSD continues to let students down

“Not even half the students in the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Class of 2019 are on track to be eligible for the state’s public universities, according to an analysis published by LA School Report. So what is being done to help low-performing schools become better? ‘That’s the piece we haven’t heard about,’ said Katie Braude, executive director of Speak UP, a parent advocacy group working with the district to improve tools to evaluate school performance. So far, we’ve heard LAUSD demand a new parcel tax of 16 cents per square foot of homes and commercial buildings in the district without any promised reforms, and we’ve heard the school board ask for a moratorium on new charter schools, thereby reducing options for parents unhappy with the performance of traditional public schools. That’s a failure.” Click here to read the whole editorial

L.A. schools chief Austin Beutner says no major restructuring is in the works

“Los Angeles has been anticipating a shock wave from schools Supt. Austin Beutner, who worked for months on a plan to ‘reimagine’ the nation’s second-largest school system and confront its staggering challenges. Now Beutner says that he has settled on a significantly less radical shift than many expected…” “But the parcel tax, called Measure EE, is the immediate priority. The tax, which L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti endorses, would assess structures on properties at an annual rate of 16 cents per square foot. A home of 1,500 square feet would generate an additional tax bill of $240. The tax would apply to residential and business owners alike. The tax would have to be approved by two-thirds of voters. That’s an especially tall order in a lowturnout election, which usually brings out a higher proportion of voters resistant to tax increases. An exemption for senior citizens could diminish some opposition. Some business leaders have launched a “No on Measure EE” committee and are looking to raise about $4 million to campaign against it. Groups including BizFed, the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and the Valley Industry and Commerce Assn. argue that the ballot measure doesn’t include reforms to address the district’s longterm financial problems. They also criticize it for not guaranteeing that money raised would be restricted to use in classrooms.” Click here to read the whole article

LAUSD’s decision to tax homeowners, renters and businesses is in response to the promises made by the district to meet union demands that ended the strike earlier this year. Measure EE has no accountability and oversight on how much of the $500 million raised each year will be spent on overhead, salaries, pension debts, and outside consultants.

  • This measure doesn’t require any fundamental reform that will fix the school district. LAUSD should fix longstanding problems, reform its broken system and better control its run-away finances.
  • It is a per square foot parcel tax, not a flat rate, ultimately putting the burden on low-income taxpayers and the business community. Instead, LAUSD needs to demand money from Sacramento politicians.

Vote No on Measure EE!

Tracy Hernandez


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