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You may have seen the article this morning where I spoke out about Rick Jacobs (Mayor Garcetti’s point person on public campaigns) for threatening BizFed and our members.  As they struggle to convince voters to show up on June 4th to tax themselves yet again, they are waging a very personal and directed campaign against BizFed and our members.  Rather than hold themselves and the LAUSD accountable for their poor outcomes, they are bullying anyone they can to stay silent against a huge new property tax that provides no reforms nor oversight.

These kinds of bullying tactics are not ok! BizFed exists so that we can say what needs to be said and hold our public institutions accountable.  Thanks to you, we speak with the organized strength of LA’s diverse business community and the millions of jobs and charitable giving they provide.

We’re taking the punches in stride while staying focused on shedding light to defeat Measure EE on June 4th.  Measure EE will tax all property owners 16 cents per square foot of building space, raising $500 million a year to backfill a bloated budget and debt liabilities.  There is no accountability baked into the measure and it requires no reforms from the LAUSD.  Sadly, this measure is not a viable solution for a district where half the graduates do not qualify to even apply to the Cal State University system.

Speaking not only as your Founding CEO, but as a mom who’s children attended LAUSD schools, we have to stand firm to get real educational reform for our students and future employees!

Oppose that schools tax and you’ll be sorry? Garcetti aide says that’s not what happened

Click here to read the California Section Front page story in print. Read excerpts below:

“The head of a Los Angeles County business organization has accused a high-level advisor to Mayor Eric Garcetti of threatening to punish her group over its opposition to a tax proposal supported by the mayor…Tracy Hernandez, founding chief executive of the Los Angeles County Business Federation, known as BizFed, said Measure EE campaign manager Rick Jacobs told her during a phone call last month that BizFed members who campaign against the measure won’t do any business in the city of L.A. for the next four years.

Hernandez said she took the comment to mean that BizFed members would be blocked from getting things done at City Hall. Jacobs denied Hernandez’s account of their exchange. ‘I am insulted that she would accuse me of being so trite as to use the old ‘won’t do business in this town’ line,’ Jacobs said.”…

“Hernandez said that during the same phone call with Jacobs, he told her that if BizFed opposes Measure EE, people will say, ‘BizFed hurts kids.’ Jacobs told The Times he did make a version of that comment. Days later, tweets went out from Courage Campaign’s ‘BizFed Hurts Kids’ account, Hernandez said. Courage Campaign Executive Director Eddie Kurtz said in an interview that Jacobs and others ‘flagged’ BizFed’s opposition to the tax, prompting Courage Campaign to launch its offensive.”

Vote No on Measure EE, on June 4th!

Tracy Hernandez

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