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Posted September 5th, 2018 | Status:


Preliminary Results of CA Legislative Session  as of 9/4/18
BizFed Win Loss; 33 Bills Won 19 Bills Lost.
20 Bills await for Governor Signature

Suprise upset! BizFed helps kill SB 120 (Roth)

Against all odds we were able to stop SB 120 (Roth). It was held in the Senate Appropriations Committee and is dead. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for maintaining the advocacy pressure until the very last hours of the session! The Senate heard all of our voices and it made the difference.

This bill was a last-minute gut-and-amend, introduced with only a few days left of the session. It  would have overruled local government decisions and set a precedent which would have stifled the development of needed infrastructure and housing in California.

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BizFed sponsored bill headed to the Governor!

BizFed sponsored SB 1133 (Portatino), and worked with both Sen. Portatino and the CA League of Cities to shepherd this bill to success. This bill allows permittees to donate funding to the State and Regional water boards for the purpose of updating basin plans. This is vital to ensuring that we have the necessary funds to comply with State & Federal Clean Water Mandates.

AB 1879

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your support with AB 1879 (Santiago). You may recall, BizFed supported this bill which was introduced to stop CPUC overreach on the Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Facility. This bill will require specified actions if the California Public Utilities Commission determines that a moratorium on new natural gas service connections is necessary to prevent substantial and imminent harm or to ensure gas system reliability. With our help we can make sure the governor signs this bill into law!

While we celebrate our Victories today, the Fight is not over! 20 Bills that BizFed has worked on are on their way to the Governors Desk! Look out for an Action Alert tomorrow with ways you amplify the voice of Business to Gov. Jerry Brown.

Below you will find other bills that BizFed has been working on this past legislative session. Click here or the images to download our Bill Tracker!



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