INFO ALERT – SCAQMD Approves Indirect Source Rules on Warehouses and Railyards

Posted May 7th, 2018 | Status:

In an highly anticipated vote at the South Coast Air Quality Management District this morning, the board members considered directing staff to create emissions caps on five industries – ports, airports, warehouses, rail yards and redevelopment projects – also known as Indirect Source Rules (ISRs).

After a year of stakeholder group meetings and two months of delays, the board finally made a decision today on one of the most important and controversial topics they had been considering.

> GOOD NEWS for Seaports, Airports, & Redevelopment Projects
> BAD NEWS for Warehouses & Rail-yards

The board did what was right by the seaports and airports by only directing an MOU, allowing them to reach emission reduction goals through voluntary measures. The board also decided not to impose an emissions cap (ISR) on new and redevelopment projects, citing the current housing crisis as a reason to work with the construction industry to lower emissions through other means.

The board did, however, vote to impose an ISR on warehouses and rail yards. Details on this measure have not been fleshed out yet, which creates a tremendous amount of uncertainty in for huge portions of ur goods movement industries. There is also uncertainty in the legality of one of the ISRs that will undoubtably lead to costly litigation.

BizFed will be at the table throughout the whole process to ensure business is well represented and heard. Stay tuned.

For now we say a BIG THANK YOU to all of our BizFed members, especially the active members of our AQMD and CARB Committee, who worked hard on behalf of the entire business and logistics industries to ensure the most positive outcome possible and who will continue to work hard to do what is right by our region.


Tracy Hernandez
Founding CEO, BizFed


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