Info Alert: Our Statement on What We Witnessed Yesterday

Posted February 3rd, 2021 | Status:

What we witnessed yesterday, the destruction and violence at the US Capitol, was tragic, saddening and must never be repeated. The riots, caused by the president’s caustic language, were a direct assault on our democracy, the peaceful transition of power and our Constitution.

We support the right of all Americans to speak up and be heard but not the right to incite violence or create turmoil by spreading known falsehoods.

Democracy and elections are messy. In spite of Wednesday’s violence and rioting, the important work of the United States Congress was delayed but, ultimately, not stopped.

Democracy prevailed. AGAIN!

It’s essential that we, as Americans united, move forward with a peaceful transition of power and focus on the important work of making our country, state and region work better.

Barry C. Black, the Senate chaplain, in a prayer following the Senate’s certification of electoral college votes stated, “These tragedies have reminded us that words matter and that the power of life and death is in the tongue.”

We agree.

BizFed will continue to lead by example and use our words to advance the voice of business! We are proud that we bring together the region’s diverse voices that in some way, shape or form are impacted by government actions. We conduct transparent voting that expresses majority’s will after thoughtful discussion, and we engage decision-makers to implement that solution. We value and always leave plenty of room for respectful disagreement without stifling a timely decision.

We call on California’s members of Congress to lead by example. Focus on what can be done to uphold our constitution and unite us to do the people’s business.


Donna Duperron

BizFed Chair

Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce, President & CEO

BizFed Founding CEO

David Fleming

BizFed Founding Chair


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