VICTORY ALERT – Pomona City Council unanimously voted to support eliminating F-Zone amendments!

Posted November 20th, 2018 | Status:


VICTORY ALERT – Pomona City Council unanimously voted to eliminate F-Zone amendments and agree to Fairplex/Community compromise!

Late Monday evening, the Pomona City Council unanimously voted (7-0) to a three year Fairplex/Community compromise eliminating the F-Zone amendments. This will protect Fairplex’s ability to fulfill their mission and implement their Strategic Plan.

According to Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval, “We are done with the F-Zone (amendments). The F-Zone amendments would have been a complete 180 to the progress in Pomona. The Fairplex and the community are working together to develop a path that is best for all of Pomona”.

The compromise will address the concerns of their neighbors by generating $1.5 million of new revenue over three years to implement more mitigation efforts to the trash, noise and traffic caused by Fairplex events. This revenue will be generated by allowing up to six music events with up to 40,000 guests.

Fairplex will perform an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and a traffic study as a prelude to the development of a Specific Plan that will create more concrete guidelines for programming and development in the future. The proposed agreement is instrumental in developing a combined vision for the future of the Fairplex as an economic engine for all of Pomona.

BizFed is pleased to see a solution through our advocacy that protects our regional economy and the Fairplex neighbors.

Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Tracy Hernandez


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