Chief Operating Officer

Elizabeth Tulasi

Chief Operations Officer

BizFed Staff

Elizabeth Tulasi is dedicated to keeping California a place where people can continue to come from all over the world to pursue their dreams. Elizabeth advocates at every level of government for policies and projects that benefit our regional economy and grow jobs.

Since Elizabeth joined BizFed in 2014, the organization has doubled in size.  Prior to BizFed, Liz worked on food and poverty policy at a Food Bank in San Francisco; education and immigration in the DC office of a San Gabriel Valley Congresswoman; and organized inter-faith volunteer groups for Hurricane Katrina recovery in New Orleans.  Elizabeth serves on the Boards of the California Women’s List, the Stonewall Young Democrats, and the United Latinx Fund.  She has earned an orange belt in Krav Maga, enjoys hiking with her husband, and baking for friends.  Elizabeth is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz.

Elizabeth oversees BizFed’s Ambassadors Committee, Franchise Committee, and Nominations Committee.

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