Kristine Guerrero

Responsible Governance Committee Co-Chair

BizFed Officer

Legislative Director, LA County Division, League of California Cities

As Legislative Director for the Los Angeles County Division League of California Cities, Ms. Guerrero is experienced in communicating political, legislative, and social issues to decision makers, media, and the public. She has a strong background in coalition building, advocacy, and grassroots organizing related to issue campaigns and policy education. In her role, Ms. Guerrero develops and maintains close communication and working relationships with city officials throughout the 88 cities in Los Angeles County to aggressively advocate key League priorities and positions with legislators, local media, and other key stakeholders. Previously, she was Press deputy, California State Senator Gloria Romero, 2002-2005; Account Executive, Millennium Services Inc., 2000-2002; Special Projects Coordinator, Los Angeles County Community Development Commission. Ms. Guerrero earned a Masters of Public Administration, USC; and Bachelors, Political Science, UCLA. She is a Board member, USC School of Policy, Planning and Development Alumni Association and a Public Affairs Council, National Grassroots Council Delegate.

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