Michelle Grubbs


Transportation Committee

Vice President, Pacific Merchant Shipping Association

Michele Grubbs is the Vice President of the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA). With offices in San Francisco, Long Beach and Seattle, PMSA is a west coast maritime trade association, representing ocean carriers and marine terminal operators on a variety of local, state and federal issues. Ms. Grubbs has been with PMSA since 2004. In addition to PMSA, Ms. Grubbs has also worked for the McDonnell Douglas and Boeing Company in Washington DC and Long Beach. Ms. Grubbs has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of New Orleans and a Master’s Degree in Business from Pepperdine University. Married to Jim Grubbs, they have three children. Ms. Grubbs is on the Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti’s Export Council, the Board of the Marine Exchange of Southern California, the International Seafarers Center of Long Beach – Los Angeles Board and the Advisory Board for the Center of International Trade and Transportation (CITT) at the California State University at Long Beach and has been active in a variety of activities for her children’s school.

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