NEWS: MEDIA REPORT: How we’re amplifying your voice – everywhere

Posted April 21st, 2022

Hats off to BizFed Chair-Elect John Musella for stepping up on short notice to chair our April Board of Directors meeting! He was polished and cool as a cucumber as he led us through a packed agenda featuring several special guests, complex policy issues, and high-priority BizFed campaigns. We’ve received multiple inquiries about John’s media report – and compliments on his detailed presentation – so we’re following up to share the document and key takeaways via email. Members who regularly attend our Board meetings have probably noticed the expanded breadth and depth of our Chair-Elect’s monthly media reports, aptly titled:

Amplifying the Voice of Business

We’re proud of how we’ve grown BizFed’s voice through earned media and across all social media platforms, and we’ve started researching ways to harness specific outlets and platforms to best serve you. Instead of presenting broad monthly overviews of our media achievements, we’re now sharing deeper analysis of what’s working on each platform (email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube) and spelling out what YOU can do to amplify our collective voice. Click below to open this month’s two-page report as a PDF. You can also scroll down to read all our takeaways below.

BizFed Info Alerts and Action Alerts are consistently out-performing other email campaigns, with average click rates up more than 10% since last year.

NEW RECORD SET: BizFed’s 10 top most-opened emails of March included every Leadership Roundtable Recap and Info Alert we sent out, as well as our “Angeles Link” Action Alert.

IN PROGRESS: Our highest-priority emails this month are 2022 BizFed Pulse Poll alerts. We’re offering new intel and quick-takes in every message, so be sure to open them all.

PLEASE SHARE: We encourage BizFed members to circulate intel from our Info Alerts, Action Alerts, Media Alerts, and LRT recaps. Feel free to forward to your contacts or resend from your own account with your organization’s logo. Shoutout to the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association team for doing this to great effect with an “Indirect Source Rule” Action Alert during Q1!

GOAL ACHIEVED: BizFed’s top Tweets are now generating 2,000+ impressions each. This remains our highest-value social platform for advocacy and policy-related work, and our go-to app for interacting with elected officials.

NEW RECORD SET: People watched 343 minutes of video on BizFed’s Twitter last month, up 80% from the previous month. See a news clip about a business issue you think we should share? Send us a link or description and we’ll track it down.

PLEASE SHARE: BizFed staffers and members are making strategic use of the “Quote Retweet” feature on Twitter and adding their own commentary when sharing our posts. This generates more engagement than a simple retweet because it adds an additional voice to the conversation. We encourage all Twitter users in our midst to lean in like FASTLinkDTLA’s Hilary Norton!

GOAL ACHIEVED: This is a rapidly growing platform for BizFed. Our number of new monthly followers is up 52% since February, with significant interest in news articles and policy-related “FYI” posts.

NEW RECORD SET: Remember the CalMatters CEQA op-ed by Tracy Hernandez, Lucy Dunn, and Jennifer Hernandez? Our LinkedIn post about the piece generated more engagement than our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts combined!

PLEASE SHARE: If there’s ONE THING you can help us out by sharing on LinkedIn this month, it’s our post linking to the 2022 BizFed Pulse Poll. Big thanks to FivePoint’s Sandy Sanchez for sharing immediately after we asked during Tuesday’s Board meeting!

GOAL ACHIEVED: Despite having only a fraction of our Facebook following on this newer platform, we consistently generate more engagement on Instagram than we do on Facebook.

NEW RECORD SET: This is one of BizFed’s fastest growing social platforms and media amplification tools. Our reach is up 150% since February. Our profile visits are up 329% this month!

PLEASE SHARE: Members frequently screenshot BizFed Zoom galleries (or content from our other platforms) and share the images as Instagram stories and posts. We see it and we ❤️ it! Keep it up. These posts play an outsize role in boosting our profile visits and link clicks. GLAR’s Ryan Ole Hass and Lennar’s Diana Coronado have helped grow our post impressions by at least three-fold!

GOAL ACHIEVED: Our posts generated 100 link clicks this past month. This is a big accomplishment and something we can’t easily do on Instagram, since clickable links aren’t permitted in IG captions (only the account bio).

NEW RECORD SET: We just hit 1,480 followers, up 48 in one month. That’s a new record for monthly page growth on this platform.

WE’LL SHARE: Does your company or organization have its own Facebook page that you leverage as an advocacy or business development tool? Let us know when you post something you’d like BizFed to share. We’ll weave in relevant business community narratives so it resonates with an even broader audience.

PLEASE SHARE: Facebook cover photos are an effective way to boost visibility for your causes, organizations, and other passions. The banner graphics we use in emails usually have the right dimensions to double as cover photos. Please feel free to download and reuse. Check out what Valero’s Brissa Sotelo-Vargas did with our Rams collage!

SETTING GOALS: Growing our YouTube presence and reach is one of our new areas of focus. We’ll start by promoting contenting that’s only available on this platform, such as full-length forum recordings. Once we grow a sizable audience, we’ll harness YouTube to advance our advocacy goals by sharing testimony clips and policy explainer videos on this platform. We encourage you to watch and share the recording of BizFed Institute’s “Business Impact on Anti-Poverty & Homelessness Summit,” now publicly available on our YouTube page.

This media report was one of numerous high-priority items on Tuesday’s agenda – look out for our full Board recap later this week!

Tracy Hernandez
BizFed Founding CEO

PS: The best way to amplify YOUR voice within the business community and beyond is by taking the 2022 BizFed Pulse Poll. Already completed it? Click below and share the link with all your contacts!