Commerce Industrial Council/Chamber of Commerce

Since 1959, the Industrial Council, a chamber of commerce, has helped hundreds of businesses take root in the City of Commerce. It has been the voice of business since incorporation of the city. Determined to avoid higher property taxes that annexation to any neighboring city might bring, a hardy band of business leaders and residents set out in 1959 to incorporate the land as the 67th city in Los Angeles County. These volunteers proclaimed their intention to establish a “Model City” with unique advantages for industry and residents alike. The Citizens Committee for Incorporation called the new oasis in the East Los Angeles region the City of Commerce. After a petition drive, public hearings, and an election early in 1960, the City of Commerce became a dream realized.

Once the City incorporated, business people found a low-tax, pro-business environment with no municipal property tax and no utility taxes. A high level of police and fire services continued, provided by the county under contract. The grass-roots tax revolt, with a new City Council and staff, set a tone of cooperation few businesses found in any other city.

Today, the Commerce Industrial Council has helped hundreds of businesses take root in our Model City. Much of the effort of the Commerce Industrial Council continues in business advocacy. As a business resident, you have, undoubtedly, moved from a city which imposed taxes, to our “No Tax” City. There is no UTILITY USERS TAX no PAYROLL TAX no GROSS RECEIPTS TAX, etc. The Commerce Industrial Council is proud to have made significant contributions leading to the many benefits that you receive today.

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