Historic Core Bid

The Historic Core is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the City of Los Angeles. Our community is made up of nearly 1:1 market rate and low income housing. The Historic Core was the epicenter of residential growth during the early 2000s with the adaptive reuse ordinance, where previously abandoned or underutilized office and manufacturing was converted to housing. Along with the new units, under the 2005 Residential Hotel Ordinance, thousands of units of low income and permanent supportive housing were preserved.

The mission of the Historic Core Business Improvement District is to improve the quality of life of residents, property and business owners in Downtown LA’s Historic Core through clean, safe, and enterprise programs. The HCBID is paid for by local tax assessments. Each contribution whether large or small helps keep the neighborhood cleaner and safer, helps local businesses grow and thrive, and supports our diverse neighborhood culture.

Visit us at: http://historiccore.bid/