Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

The Hollywood Chamber was formed in October 1921 to replace the old Hollywood Board of Trade. It consists of owners, managers, presidents and other key representatives from a spectrum of businesses and organizations around the Hollywood community.

Many significant accomplishments can be credited to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce since its inception. For example, the Hollywood Sign and the Walk of Fame exist today due to the efforts of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. In 1986, the Chamber was the leading proponent of the need for a Hollywood Municipal Courthouse, which opened in 1986. In 1997, the Chamber launched its new Hollywood Community Foundation, which has awarded more than $350,000 in grants to Hollywood nonprofit agencies to date. In 2000, a project spearheaded by the Chamber to designate signs identifying 46 historic markersat a cost of $250,000 in Hollywood was completed. In 2005, the Chamber worked on legislation to create a Hollywood Statistical Area that would require the reporting of demographic data on the community.

Visit us at: https://hollywoodchamber.net/