Inland Empire Economic Partnership

The Inland Empire is the region of Southern California comprised of San Bernardino and Riverside counties, located immediately east of the Los Angeles area. Many if not most people tend to consider it part of Greater Los Angeles, but our region has its own identity, its own challenges and its own unique opportunities to achieve economic prosperity. It is made up of more than 50 cities, towns and unincorporated areas, making it almost like a major metropolitan area many people do not know exists.

Growth in the Inland Empire has been dramatic over the last 20 years. The two-county region currently has close to 4.5 million residents, making it more populous than almost half the states in the country, and federal estimates suggest the area will add more than 300,000 more people every five years between 2014 and 2040. The region ranked 24th among metropolitan areas in economic output in 2013, with a higher gross domestic product that cities such as Cleveland, Kansas City and Cincinnati. A lot of this growth happened because residents and businesses, dismayed by the high cost of land in Los Angeles and Orange counties, moved east to seek affordable homes.

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