ACTION ALERT – Help Us Ensure the SoCal Greenprint Stays Out of the RAMP Process

Posted April 26th, 2022 | Status:

Help us fight for the government transparency all Southern Californians deserve. We need the business community to turn out in full force at today’s meeting of the Regional Advance Mitigation Planning – Advisory Task Force (RAMP-ATG). We’re mobilizing our grassroots advocacy army to ensure Greenprint STAYS OUT of the RAMP process.

The RAMP-ATG meeting is scheduled for today, 4/26 from 2pm to 3:30pm via Zoom.

Call-in Number: 1-669-900-6833

Meeting ID: 921 5636 6986


On Monday April 18, SCAG’s RAMP-ATG, who was originally charged with developing a comprehensive and transparent policy white paper on the SoCal Greenprint, held a last minute meeting where staff presented to RAMP-ATG on the latest Regional Advance Mitigation Program policy framework. To date and four meetings later, the framework continues to include verbiage referencing data definition for a SoCal Greenprint. To be clear, the RAMP is to be a separate from Greenprint. Greenprint is not ready. We’ve been told it will start over from scratch later this year. Which is good. So it must not be slid into the RAMP in any way.


We also encourage you to read up on our 19-member Coalition’s top three concerns with how things are proceeding.


Below are the members of the RAMP-ATG. If you have any personal relationship with these members, we encourage you to contact them and express our coalition’s concerns in the lead-up to Tuesday’s potential vote. Please utilize the materials attached above (especially our list of top concerns) to effectively convey our Coalition’s position on the RAMP Policy Framework.


Last year, BizFed joined a 19-member coalition of Southern California business, industry and labor organizations who joined together to express strong concerns to SCAG’s proposed Greenprint tool. Today we join 30 strong organizations. Our advocacy and mobilization has been successful to date. First, we were able to place a hard pause on any implementation of the SoCal Greenprint until a comprehensive white paper is developed. Secondly, this led to the creation of a five-member task force with the goal of crafting and sending a SoCal Greenprint policy paper to the SCAG Regional Council at the appropriate time. Since then, the task force has held only four meetings, and while we appreciate the continued pause on the tool, SCAG is now planning to approve a Regional Advance Mitigation Program Framework Plan with several references of the SoCal Greenprint.

Help us fight for transparent and responsible governance,

Tracy Hernandez, Founding CEO


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