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The Los Angeles County Business Federation, widely known as “BizFed,” is a nonprofit advocacy alliance that amplifies the voice of job creators at all levels of government to improve livability and affordability in Southern California communities. 

Membership Benefits

By joining BizFed, your organization or business becomes part of a larger, more powerful chorus of voices. Joining BizFed ensures you have a seat at the table when important decisions are made, and boosts your impact and credibility across all policy spheres. This results in enhanced opportunities for you to cultivate partnerships, sponsorships, and sustained business growth. 

Advocacy Achievements

BizFed’s policy team is active in all 88 cities across Los Angeles County, at the county and state levels, and on key federal issues impacting California employers.

Media Mobilization

BizFed secures multilingual coverage of member issues in major news outlets spanning print, broadcast, radio, and digital media. BizFed’s social videos maximize impact.

Statewide Representation

BizFed is a member of the New California Coalition (NCC), a nonpartisan civic movement that creates a voice for 9.8 million common-sense Californians. BizFed members have access to NCC resources.

Educational Resources

BizFed's Advocacy Academy program helps members refine advocacy technique, boost media amplification, and maximize policy shaping impact.

Diverse Voices

BizFed launched in 2008 and now unites 240 organization members. BizFed's 150 investing members include iconic brands and institutions.

Direct Engagement

Advocacy managers’ day-to-day work involves mobilizing BizFed members to testify at meetings, produce advocacy content, front media campaigns, and engage directly with lawmakers and regulators.

Industry Intelligence

BizFed’s success in advocating for sensible solutions is made possible by the 90+ members who co-chair policy committees and serve in Executive Committee roles.

Choose a Membership that is Right for your Business!

BizFed offers a variety of membership levels for businesses and nonprofit business associations of all sizes and sectors.


Businesses with three or fewer employees are eligible for BizFed membership in this category.

You’ll Receive:

  • Seat/vote on the BizFed Board of Directors
  • Opportunity to mobilize BizFed around your priorities
  • Opportunity to promote your events to BizFed’s massive membership
  • Three representatives empowered to receive BizFed intelligence communications and notices and to participate in policy committees
  • Listing on BizFed website
  • Access to all standard BizFed meetings

Connect with us

 Want to learn more about member benefits and how our team can advance your unique needs? Get in touch today! 

Jose Orozco

Operations Assistant

Tracy Hernandez

BizFed Founding CEO

Tasia Kieffer

Advocacy Engagement Manager

Alysia Rivers

Development & Advocacy Manager

Sarkis Kotanjian

Vice President of Development

Sarah Wiltfong

Director of Advocacy

What BizFed Members are Saying

"BizFed has provided the Torrance Area Chamber with invaluable advocacy resources, high-level industry intelligence, and opportunities to create long-term relationships with various partners. We are grateful BizFed members.”
Donna Duperron
Torrance Area Chamber
"We’re so proud to count ourselves among BizFed’s massive coalition of members. Thank you to the hard-working staffers and fellow members whose collective voices keep Californians working. Business makes California work!”
Brissa Sotelo-Vargas
Valero Energy