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URGENT ACTION ALERT: Support hydrogen bill

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INFO ALERT: What’s the status of BizFed bills?

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ACTION ALERT: Urge regulators to pause region’s most expensive rule

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Media Mentions

‘American Dry Cleaner’ amplifies BizFed opposition to SCAQMD water heater rule

“It could easily run, at a minimum, $200,000. One dry cleaner told me it would be closer to $800,000 to retrofit and install,” said BizFed’s Sarah Wiltfong.

BizFed sets record straight on Measure ULA in letter to LA Times

Tracy Hernandez explained how Measure ULA has hurt everyday renters, construction workers, developers and realtors in a letter published by the Times.

ABC7: Tracy Hernandez says BizFed poll indicates necessity of Prop 1

BizFed Founding CEO Tracy Hernandez was featured in an ABC7 Eyewitness News report about the narrow passage of Proposition 1, which authorizes $6.38 billion to

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BizFed Press Releases

Southern California, Central Valley business leaders join forces

Nearly 100 diverse business leaders participated in BizFed’s advocacy trip to amplify the broad business community’s priorities, presence and power in Sacramento.

Business federation honors top advocates

The nation’s top artists and performer vie for Oscars and Grammys; the region’s top business advocates are honored each year with Bizzis.

Coalition builder tapped to lead pro-business PAC

Mitchell Vieyra will serve as Director of BizFed PAC beginning Jan. 1, 2024.

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