ACTION ALERT: Help us stop this multi-sector job killer (AB2840)!

Posted May 26th, 2022 | Status:

We need warehouses. There is no retort to that statement. Warehouse operators and workers are responsible for facilitating our access to almost everything we buy: the food we eat, the medical supplies that some people depend on, and the goods we need to run our businesses and serve customers. That’s why we’re mobilizing against proposed legislation targeting the warehouse and logistics industry.

AB 2840 (Reyes) is a job killer for this
critically important sector – and far beyond.

This bill would broadly ban the building of any facility larger than 100,000 square feet within 1,000 feet of a “sensitive receptor,” effectively banning nearly all non-industrial facilities. Projects that somehow make past those hurdles must then secure a project labor agreement (PLA) to be approved. If passed, this AB 2840 would:

  • Halt housing construction, including mixed-use and master-planned projects
  • Worsen supply chain backlogs impacting homebuilders
  • Impose costly labor mandates that make proposals impossible to execute
  • Limit local authority in land-use decisions that contribute to crippling state overreach.

Think you’re safe because your company doesn’t build or own these types of facilities? Think again. There’s always a ripple effect. AB 2840 would set dangerous precedent affecting all of us. It has the potential to stymie ALL commercial real estate projects. BizFed is proud to join a massive coalition opposing AB 2840.


The Assembly will consider AB 2840 this week and could come up as early as TODAY! Click the link below to quickly and easily send every Assemblymember representing the Los Angeles region an advocacy message. We encourage you to read our coalition letter for more information about this bill.

Lean in with us to protect jobs, development, and our economy!

Tracy Hernandez
BizFed Founding CEO


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