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ACTION ALERT: Protect vital development from needless Greenprint interference!

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It's a lengthy battle and we're not losing steam. For the last year and a half, many of our BizFed leaders have contributed to the broad business community's fight to inject some much-needed common sense into the processes surrounding adoption of the SoCal Greenprint tool.

Thanks to your swift and organized efforts, we achieved a major victory when the revised and improved Regional Advanced Mitigation Program (RAMP) Policy Framework advanced. It was unanimously approved in November by the Southern California Association of Government's (SCAG's) RAMP Advisory Task Force, and earlier this month by SCAG's Energy & Environment Committee.

The RAMP Policy Framework now heads to the full
SCAG Regional Council on Thursday, February 2nd.

This updated framework includes no mention of the SoCal Greenprint tool or the datasets it uses. Instead, it resets the Greenprint process and lays out a reworked, science-based mitigation approach with a new vendor and the creation of a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). We're pleased to note the inclusion of an amendment supported by BizFed members that allows elected officials and staff to serve on the TAC. Ultimately, the RAMP approach aims to satisfy mitigation requirements early in the project planning and environmental review process, without impeding the development of infrastructure, housing, or other previously approved plans.


Let's keep our momentum going and ensure the business voice continues to be heard. We're urging all BizFed members to log in for SCAG's next virtual Regional Council meeting on Thursday, February 2nd at 12pm to voice support for the proposed RAMP Policy Framework. Click below for suggested talking points.



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Tracy Hernandez

BizFed Founding CEO