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ACTION ALERT: Speak up NOW to fix PAGA

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We need you to take action NOW. Legislation to fix the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) is now in print – and headed for the floor. AB 2288 and SB 92 are both up for consideration by this Thursday. That's the day after tomorrow! While we’ve gauged overwhelming support from legislators, we're not leaving anything to chance. Until Governor Gavin Newsom signs these two bills into law, BizFed is working every angle to secure votes. We need YOUR vital voice to get this high-stakes business solution across the finish line.



Workers across the state are being shortchanged and small businesses throughout California are being unfairly targeted by PAGA, a law that permits a "lawsuit-first" approach to addressing minor labor law violations and technical errors. Under this ineffective and inefficient approach, employees get less, the process moves slower, and small businesses and nonprofits are saddled with unnecessary costs. Our goal is to reform PAGA by empowering the state labor commissioner to investigate alleged violations.

PAGA isn't working for employees or employers. It's lining the pockets of lawyers. Workers have received only a small portion of the nearly $10 billion awarded through PAGA lawsuits since 2013, according to a recent report. Attorneys who file PAGA cases with courts collect fees that account for least one-third of the total amount recovered by workers, averaging more than $369,000 per case! Meanwhile, PAGA provisions are hurting employers across every industry in California, slowing job growth and forcing some smaller enterprises to close.

Please contact BizFed Director of Advocacy Sarah Wiltfong at with questions.